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TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with UnintelligiblesTranscribing ServicesTranscriptionTranscriptionWing

TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with Unintelligibles

Imagine a perfect transcript, one with timestamps and participant labels… but an inaccurate, unintelligible word ruins it. ListenLink is here to the rescue!  ListenLink™ is an incredible feature of TranscriptionWing which helps you distinguish indistinct words or unintelligible parts that occasionally occur within your transcriptions. This includes crosstalks, inaudible words,…
Alexandra Benecio
October 21, 2020
male medical professional typing medical transcriptions on a laptop beside documents on a clipboardTranscribing ServicesTranscriptionTranscriptionWing

4 Ways to Keep Healthcare Data Protected in Market Research Transcriptions

Transcripts play a pretty significant role in market research, and the healthcare market research industry is just one of the very many sectors that greatly benefit from having professional services transcribe interviews for research. Healthcare, medical, or pharma research entails interviewing patients as well as professionals in the field. The…
Ian Bazarte
March 4, 2020