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Voice-to-text Clean-up: Tips on How to Properly Edit Your Machine Transcription

Artificial intelligence (AI) has paved its way to everyone’s day-to-day activities. From healthcare, to entertainment, and to the automotive industry, companies from all over the globe have developed an AI-driven route to steer their businesses forward. Ultimately, transcriptions is no exception in this technological development, with more and more machine…
Alexandra Galoso
April 25, 2019
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TranscriptionWing™ Launches Meeting Minutes Service InSummary™

Greenwich, CT. December 20, 2018. Civicom® transcribing service TranscriptionWing™ has launched InSummary™, a meeting summary solution designed to help clients digest recorded meetings and conference calls with transcribed meeting minutes. In continuing its commitment to provide competitive audio transcription solutions, TranscriptionWing identified InSummary as an answer to a determined need…
December 26, 2018