General Transcription Services

TranscriptionWing provides professional transcription services for all types of businesses, corporations, and government agencies.

We offer a wide variety of options that fit your general transcription needs:

Turnaround times that fit any deadline
Summarized meeting minutes
Pricing options that fit your budget
Skilled human editors to ensure quality
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TranscriptionWing’s General Transcription Service takes pride in having client-centric features, turnaround times that fit any deadline and transcription rates that can accommodate any budget. Whether it be general interviews, board meetings, conference calls, or podcasts, audio transcription is easy with our user-friendly system.

All it takes is a few quick clicks to upload your recordings and relay special instructions to our team.
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Advantages of General Transcription Services

Variety of Turnaround Times and Pricing Options

TranscriptionWing offers a variety of turnaround times and pricing options to fit your general transcription needs. Do you need a transcript for that report that’s due at the end of the day? No problem! Simply select our RUSH transcription service and your transcript will be delivered within 4 hours. Working on a tight budget? Our economy pricing may just be the right fit for you.

Human Editors

While machine-generated transcripts do provide fast outputs, its quality will vary depending on the clarity of the recordings. TranscriptionWing’s team of skilled human editors make it a point to proofread your transcripts before delivery to ensure that your transcripts contain correct and accurate information every time.

Customizable Transcripts

If you want speakers identified or you need timestamps in your transcript for easy editing, we can absolutely do that for you. We can tailor your transcript to your specifications. You can relay special instructions such as having the speakers identified through our KnowWho™ option, your required timestamp intervals, or even the use of your own preferred template.

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