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TranscriptionWing’s 100% human process provides:

Better transcription accuracy, especially for recordings with accents or dialects
Customizable formats geared to your needs
Time-saving opportunities that can increase productivity
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The information technology sector is an ever changing landscape that continuously sweeps in new terminologies and advancements. TranscriptionWing can help navigate this dynamic terrain by providing information technology transcription services and conference call transcription services so you never miss crucial information.

While speech-to-text programs are steadily growing in popularity, our 100% human process provides transcripts with better accuracy.
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Why Get Information Technology Transcription Services?


When you need a jargon-filled information technology call transcribed, a lot of time and effort will be saved when it is done by a professional.


Speech-to-text programs are not able to provide the customizations you require. A human transcriber can immediately follow your specifications once informed.

In Context

Automated systems don’t always understand context. It is vital to have a human transcriber who understands context complete the process.

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