ListenLink - TranscriptionWing

Introducing our latest transcription service feature — ListenLink™.

Save time

Ever seen an [unintelligible], inaudible, or [crosstalk] in your document and wish you could quickly listen to that segment of the audio, but don’t want to take the time to find the specific time stamps? ListenLink will find those time stamps for you and play the corresponding audio for you with a quick click of your mouse!

How does it work?

Anytime our transcriptionist and editor comes across a part of your audio file they are unsure of, which is always designated by the use of [brackets], they will use a proprietary TranscriptionWing tool to place a link in the completed transcript. This link is clickable and will enable you to click and play that portion of your audio file for quick review. These links can also help you find time stamps quickly when looking for certain segments of the audio you want to place in a report!

Below is a sample sentence. Please click the link to hear an actual sample of Audio Linker.

“The quick brown fox [unintelligible] over the lazy dog.”


  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash player. Download now
  • That’s it!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about ListenLink!

Unintelligible Document