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TranscriptionWing™ is a service of Civicom®.

TranscriptionWing, a service of Civicom, was built on the premise that we strive to go above and beyond — not only surpassing the expectations of our clients but also because of our ongoing dedication to improving what has been done in the past. We value the relationships we have built with our clients, who depend on our ability to provide outstanding quality, exceptional delivery, and unsurpassed accuracy. We take pride in our work, as proven by our friendly customer service, meeting the unique needs of those we serve. We understand that you need your documents fast. We stand out among the many transcription companies by taking precise measures to ensure this immediate need is met. Civicom is a company with many brands that blends technology with people to create excellent service. We continue to innovate with new technologies to connect business people with their constituents at a distance. We are disruptive innovators in creating a world where the miles have little to do with the ability to work or interact together. Our mix of collaborative technologies, teamwork, and optimal organizational structure enables us to help mitigate difficulties for our clients in distributed collaboration.

Civicom® Brands

The first Voice to CRM solution combining technology and intelligence for thousands of sales professionals in global companies.

World’s first live streaming, live receptionist platform, overcoming challenges of hiring, staff leaves, and demands for remote work.

A best-in-class voice-to EMR solution that reduces time spent by providers on note entry, improving accuracy and compliance.

BPO optimization of your operations with technology plus dedicated global resources in back office support and data entry.

Global leaders in combining web-enabled technology with superior client service to facilitate market research worldwide.

Recognized global expertise in facilitating virtual in-depth interviews and focus groups using advanced audio and web technology.

State-of-the-art HD 360° recording and streaming solution with integrated video insights tools for live, in-person focus groups.

AI report-generating tool. Quillit can give you first-draft summaries and answers to specific questions in minutes that could take you hours.

Online video curation and media management platform for market researchers to analyze content plus create clips and storyboards.

Feature-rich asynchronous online community discussion platform with analytical tools and reports for research studies.

Customized platform with technical support for moving mock juries from in-person to online.

Expertise in identifying, targeting and recruiting the most qualified marketing research respondents for studies worldwide.

Quality human transcriptions and clean up services for all industry sectors at competitive rates and flexible turnaround times.

Our team of experienced editors will take your machine-generated transcripts and make them as accurate to the source as possible.

Embedded hyperlinks to your audio recording to hear and distinguish unintelligible words and improve your transcription quality.

Usability testing solution to observe navigation while talking with users online in real time as they use mobile apps or websites.

Mobile research app for collecting in-the-moment insights from video and audio diaries, with geolocation and offline capabilities.

Web RTC platform that allows remote team members to interact and see each other’s screens as if they were in the same room.

Lets website visitors speak with a real person using modern streaming technology.

A combination of technology and human intervention to address common bottlenecks that exist in the patient-provider journey.

Civicom Conferencing is an easy-to-use conferencing service that offers a wide feature set and efficient customer support.

Confertel offers quality solutions for secure conference calls, web conferencing, and managed webinars for your business.

Send requests via a mobile app to a remote, trained team of ‘Doers’ whose job is to complete the tasks you assign.

Actionable intelligence you need to create personalized experiences for your clients so you can expand relationships.

A quarterly data set and report, enabled by a consortium of like-minded firms that pool data for analysis by data scientists.

A best-in-class voice-to EMR solution that reduces time spent by providers on note entry, improving accuracy and compliance.

An innovative AI solution using evidence-based information to supplement your providers’ back pain treatments and therapies.

Get the most value out of your meetings through detailed summaries from print or audio recordings of your meeting minutes.

Voice Code Conference Calling replaces passcodes with voiceprint authentication. No more complicated dial-in instructions.

Your spoken name voice print is the key that lets people join the conference. One number. No more passcodes. Works globally.

MeetingBridge provides convenient, affordable, high-quality, automated teleconferencing, web conferencing, and webinar services for businesses.

Global provider of fast, clear, and secure branded audio conferencing with collaboration tools. to further engage your audience.

Reliable audio platform with robust features, DIY or with operator, scalable to thousands at a much lower cost.

Family conference call service developed to connect relatives and friends across the globe amidst the pandemic and after.

An on-demand virtual babysitting service developed in response to the needs of busy work-from-home parents who need help.

Mobile ethnography research solution that allows live, two-way, remote observational interviews using a smartphone or tablet.

Feathers Project uses technology to connect sponsors with beneficiaries to allow 100% direct charity to happen.

‘Buy Forward’ companies are those permanently committed to giving a significant portion (5+%) of their profits to worthy causes.

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