Media Transcription

Convert your audio and video recordings of podcasts,  documentaries, TV broadcasts, or sermons into convenient text format.

Once the transcription is done, you’re able to:

Quickly find any textual information using time codes or time stamps
Add subtitles to make your content accessible to a wider audience
Use it to grow your online presence through SEO strategies
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TranscriptionWing™ understands that media transcription is an essential tool in the industry. That’s why we provide high quality documentary or podcast transcripts where you can extract the best bits and utilize them for marketing purposes.

Our clients have also used our closed captioning services to make TV shows and films ADA compliant. In whichever form, TranscriptionWing delivers top-notch entertainment transcription services every time.
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Advantages of TranscriptionWing’s Media Transcription Services:

Easier to Understand

If there are heavily accented speakers on a podcast or sermon, hiring a sermon transcription service or podcast transcription service is greatly helpful for listeners to understand the discussion.

Time Efficiency

It’s significantly more convenient to find key points on a document rather than playing and searching through an audio or video recording.

Higher Ranking in SERPs

Search engines catch keywords in textual form, not in audiovisual form. Having a transcript attached with your audio or video increases your online visibility and can help improve your search results.

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