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TranscriptionWing™ operates in a culture of confidentiality that upholds a strict commitment to compliance to ensure project security and client information privacy.

Our Transcripts Are:

Compliant with HIPAA regulations
Flexible to client instructions, such as redacting PII and PHI for privacy and security
Open to unique transcription templates such as a doctor's dictation notes and medical consultations between specialists
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With our biotech and healthcare transcription services, handling secure and private information will always be assured with TranscriptionWing.

Our healthcare transcriptions are edited and proofed in a biometrically protected work space, devices are secured with anti-virus software, files are stored in our secure HIPAA compliant server environment, and transmission to you is fully encrypted.
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Our excellent healthcare/biotech transcription services will give you these benefits:

Strict Security

Ideal for your patient interviews to record their disease and treatment progress while maintaining strict security measures based on HIPAA guidelines related to medical transcription.

Excellent Accuracy

Biotechnology and healthcare transcriptions require excellent accuracy. Our experienced transcription team is knowledgeable in scientific, biotechnical, and medical terminologies.

Serve as a Foundation

Research studies serve as a foundation for the development or enhancement of new and current medications, practices, and devices that improve patient outcomes or disease prognosis.

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