Why Students Should Avoid Transcribing Audio By Themselves

June 28, 2024
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Why Students Should Avoid Transcribing Audio By Themselves

In the academic field, transcriptions can be incredibly beneficial for students. With transcriptions, education becomes more accessible for every student. Additionally, transcriptions of previous lessons allow students to return to what was discussed and improve or refresh their knowledge of the topic. 

However, students often take it upon themselves to transcribe their lesson recordings independently. While there’s nothing wrong with doing this, here are a few reasons why students shouldn’t make audio transcriptions on their own.

It Can Prevent Them From Focusing on the Discussion

Students shouldn’t attempt to transcribe an audio recording on their own because it can prevent them from focusing on the discussion. When trying to listen to the discussion and take notes simultaneously, a student might overlook important information. This, in turn, can prevent them from taking note of a crucial detail that could be helpful to their studies later on.

This is where academic transcription services can help. By simply recording the lecture and having a service transcribe the audio into text later on, students can completely focus on the lesson as it’s being discussed. Meanwhile, the high-quality transcripts produced from their recordings can be used as a quick and easy reference for their studies.

Transcribing Audio Can Increase Pressure on Students

Students should avoid transcribing audio on their own as much as possible because it can only increase the pressure they face. Keeping up with academics can already be a stressful task for students. Listening and transcribing the lessons discussed can only add to the stress and pressure they already face, which can negatively affect their studies.

By turning to a service that converts their audio to text for them, students wouldn’t have to deal with any additional pressure in their studies. With the knowledge that a service produces audio transcriptions for them, they can focus more on the current lesson that’s being discussed. Additionally, having a service transcribe their recordings will also ensure that any crucial piece of information that was discussed will be included in the transcript.

Transcribing Can Prevent Students From Keeping Track of Projects

Finally, students should refrain from making audio transcripts independently because this can prevent them from properly monitoring their group projects. Many details are usually discussed when meeting with project teammates and transcribing notes on their own can cause students to miss these crucial details. If these important details aren’t taken down, it can confuse the group and prevent the project’s completion.

Transcription services can quickly solve this problem for students. By recording the group meeting and having a service transcribe the discussion, all details can be converted into written form. This means that all important information will be captured, allowing all members of the group to reference it when studying or working on their project.

Transcriptions are an important part of academics in today’s digital age. With transcriptions, education becomes more accessible for every student. As such, if you require academic transcription services, be sure to turn to TranscriptionWing.

With over 20 years of experience in the transcription industry, TranscriptionWing can assist you with your academic transcription needs. We offer a variety of turnaround times that better suit your deadlines and budget. Get started today and have your audio files transcribed for your academic needs.

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