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7 Best Practices for Academic Research Transcriptions

Chances are, you’re either already working with academic research transcriptions or interested in doing so. Either way, that’s fantastic! Transcripts are significantly useful in stepping up your research game and making academic life less stressful. Whatever your reasons are for doing transcriptions, take note that there are certain ways of…
Joseph Elevado
September 15, 2022

Five Do’s and Don’ts of Interview Transcriptions

Interview transcriptions are very beneficial in a lot of ways. You can use interview transcripts to support your qualitative research, caption content, or serve as a reference material for future research. These benefits are possible, however, only if you do your interview transcriptions properly. There’s a list of things you…
Joseph Elevado
July 22, 2022
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How to Transcribe Zoom Recordings in 5 Easy Steps

Since COVID-19 started, social distancing has been implemented and has caused lockdowns worldwide. This affected people’s relationships with each other, resulting in doing most things remotely: distance education, doctor consultations, business meetings and conferences, and other work and social interactions. Despite the global situation that the pandemic has caused, people…
Axel Bancairen
May 25, 2022