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university research transcriptionTranscription

How Can Transcriptions Benefit Your Academic Research?

The possibilities of using transcriptions are vast, and many industry sectors use them primarily to support data gathered during fact-finding. Apart from market research, it is also regularly and heavily used on the side of academia for students and fellow researchers to understand and analyze information much more efficiently.  …
Axel Bancairen
May 10, 2022
transcriptions on academic researchTranscription

4 Reasons Why Transcripts Are Vital To Academic Research

Research is probably the most critical step in gathering information. It helps us capture facts and figures for case studies and systematic investigations, and expands our knowledge and credibility. Many industries utilize research to develop theories based on the information they have gathered during their analysis, and this includes the…
Axel Bancairen
April 26, 2022
Shelves with books about American English and British EnglishTranscription

American vs. British English: What’s The Difference?

You may have wondered, “What differentiates American English from British English? Aren’t they both the same thing?” Yes, they are both English, but they each have their own unique aspects. Thankfully, you need not worry too much about the differences - all you need to know are their key distinctions. …
Joseph Elevado
March 31, 2022
Interview transcript example: person transcribing an interviewTranscription

2 Great Examples of Interview Transcripts (Done in Two Ways)

Interview transcription is a complex process. It involves elements like speaker identification and timestamps for better navigation and understanding of the context of the interview. Another important factor is differentiating the types of interview transcription that will best fit your needs - whether it’s pure verbatim transcription or smart verbatim…
Joseph Elevado
March 30, 2022