Audio Transcription Services: The Secret To A Future-Proof Content Strategy

December 19, 2022

Audio Transcription Services: The Secret To A Future-Proof Content Strategy

All content comes and goes. So if you’re a content creator, you need all the tools you can get to create content that sticks in people’s minds. Better quality content and marketing are important, but have you considered using audio transcription services?

Enhancing your content with audio-to-text transcription is the secret to a successful, long-lasting content strategy.

Here’s how:

Why Should You Get Transcriptions For Your Content?

Transcriptions are vital in successful content creation. They provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Larger audience reach - You can use transcripts to create closed captions for your content, which allows viewers from different backgrounds to enjoy your content at their own pace.
  • Content repurposing - You can turn your videos into other forms of content like social media posts and blogs.
  • Search engine optimization - Providing downloadable transcripts and subtitles allows your content to be indexable by search engines, which can improve your search engine rankings

To learn more about how transcriptions can improve the engagement of your content, reach out to our experts at TranscriptionWing.

Okay, But Why Use Audio Transcription Services?

Making transcriptions yourself is tedious. It can take up to a few hours to transcribe about 15 minutes of content. Combine this with your other content projects and responsibilities, and you’ll set yourself up for burnout.

Enter audio transcription services.

Expert transcribers take the burden of transcriptions off your shoulders while letting you reap the benefits.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use audio transcription services:

1. Saves time and energy

A consistent content upload schedule is a key factor in achieving steady engagement growth. However, adding transcription to your to-do list can significantly affect your workflow, draining a lot of time and energy that could have otherwise gone into creating and planning future content.

With a speech-to-text service, you can focus on following your upload schedule and creating quality content while being able to utilize transcriptions. 

2. Expertise guaranteed

Another challenge of transcription is ensuring the accuracy of your transcript. Making mistakes in the text, timestamp, or speaker labeling can set you back in your workflow as you have to correct those mistakes.

Expert transcriptionists have the skills and experience to create reliable transcripts that streamline your content production process. You can rest assured that you’ll have convenient, usable transcripts when you leave your audio files with providers like TranscriptionWing.

In addition, you can also utilize other services like:

  • Machine transcript clean-up - You can upload pre-existing automated transcripts for human editors to polish and revise for better usability
  • Closed captioning - You can get closed captions for your videos so you can reap the benefits of captioning right away
  • Translation - Providers like TranscriptionWing offer translated transcripts so you can tap into other demographics

3. Better profitability

In content creation, high viewership is key for better reach and profit. At the same time, when your content has reached high viewership, your audience will have higher expectations about your content. Besides content quality and production value, they may also consider features like subtitling and accessibility.

A 2022 survey by Preply on 1,200 Americans found that:

  • 50% of respondents often watch content with subtitles
  • 57% watch video content in public
  • At home, 29% prefer to watch content quietly

These statistics indicate untapped demographics that your content may have yet to access without transcriptions.

Transcription services help you reach larger audiences by allowing you to continue creating high-quality content while reaping the benefits of transcriptions such as captions.

What To Look For In An Audio Transcription Service

Not all audio transcription services are the same. Some service providers offer features that fit your content creation needs best.

The ideal provider will be compatible with your workflow and content goals. It should have features like:

  • 100% human transcription - Compared to automated transcripts, human transcriptions are significantly more accurate and reliable
  • Flexibility - Providers like TranscriptionWing offer various delivery time options to fit your upload schedule, from 1-5 business days down to 4 hours or 9 AM the next business day
  • Versatility - You can provide custom specifications and templates for providers to follow so they can create transcripts that cater to your specific needs

Searching for the best audio transcription service for your content creation career can be challenging. If you want to cut to the chase and enjoy what transcriptions can do for your content, TranscriptionWing has everything you need.

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