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Should I Choose Automated Transcription or Human Transcription?

While not always a requirement, transcriptions can be very helpful. It aids researchers, students, professionals, and practically everyone for their projects, dissertations, and studies. Several companies slowly started offering transcription work over decades, leading to the rise of the popularity of transcription services. Transcribing is more than just hearing and…
Axel Bancairen
November 1, 2021

What Difference Can Subtitles Make to Your Videos?

Perhaps you have found yourself whispering, “What did she say?” because the movie’s loud background score drowned out the dialogue. Maybe you’ve watched video clips speaking an unfamiliar language on YouTube. In instances like these, video subtitles make all the difference. Most people resort to watching films or television series…
Alexandra Galoso
October 22, 2021
Transcribing ServicesTranscription

How To Properly Record Focus Groups for Transcriptions

Market research transcriptions are essential to any qualitative research project. You need spotless, or at least workable, audio recordings for whatever general transcription services you’re using for high-quality transcripts. While it’s tricky to record multiple respondent discussions, it is absolutely doable. Here are some easy tips on how to properly…
October 8, 2021
Image: student experiencing academic burnoutTranscribing ServicesTranscription

How to Avoid Student Burnout or Academic Fatigue

Have you ever felt excessively stressed and unmotivated whilst in the academe? If yes, that’s definitely burnout. Student burnout is the state of frustration, lack of motivation, extreme stress, and universal exhaustion brought by the overwhelming demands of the academic community. Altogether, this results in a decline in a student’s…
September 13, 2021