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TranscriptionWing™ Launches Meeting Minutes Service InSummary™

Greenwich, CT. December 20, 2018. Civicom® transcribing service TranscriptionWing™ has launched InSummary™, a meeting summary solution designed to help clients digest recorded meetings and conference calls with transcribed meeting minutes. In continuing its commitment to provide competitive audio transcription solutions, TranscriptionWing identified InSummary as an answer to a determined need…
December 26, 2018
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Why is Legal Transcription Important?

Former United States politician Barbara Mikulski once opined that, “Courtrooms across the country are our protection against redlining and discrimination.” Was she right? Well, we can never be sure, but one thing is clear: that is certainly a high opinion to have of courtrooms as compared to what was once…
Ian Bazarte
December 19, 2018