Benefits of Using Transcriptions for Dissertation Research

August 8, 2018

Benefits of Using Transcriptions for Dissertation Research

If you are a doctoral student, a dissertation accounts for a sizeable portion of your grade, as it is one of the last yet quite vital requirements for obtaining a doctorate degree. The pressure of completing one along with a sea of other responsibilities alleviates a lot of stress and possibly burnout or academic fatigue. Fortunately, many academic research transcription services that are out in the market can aid you in competently finishing your dissertation on time.

So, how can you benefit from using transcriptions for dissertations?

Note-taking and documentation is easier

Conducting dissertations and other academic research studies requires a colossal amount of time, effort, and resources, which academic research transcriptions aim to make feasible. A crucial part of academic research is data collection. How many phone surveys and interviews do you conduct to gather enough information - 20? 30? That’s plenty of opinions to remember and jot down completely. Using a transcription service eases note-taking processes and exceeds manual documentation efforts in the process. Simply record your interviews and use a reliable transcribing service to generate accurate transcripts for instant review.

Content is made much more accessible

If you are working with a partner or in a group, having your audio or video files converted into written documents can help. It allows you to quickly share and make the content accessible to everyone. Also, transcripts are more searchable than recordings. You won’t have to listen back to dozens of recordings looking for specific segments. Making transcripts available at hand lets you easily find vital information. With this, you can immediately start analyzing content and formulating research findings.

Saves more time

Using transcriptions for your dissertation can also save a lot more time. Students and researchers will have more free time on their hands when they use transcriptions. They'll be able to focus on the actual research; analyzing and interpreting data, interviewing or gathering more participants, and more. And what's more, is that analyzing and interpreting data can go a lot smoother and more efficiently with transcriptions.

Feedback is more accurate and authentic

Transcriptions also give students and researchers a chance to obtain feedback that is more accurate and more authentic. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to qualitative research and interviews for your dissertation. Since transcriptions hold verbatim interviews, feedback is more authentic, which will of course, help the study. At the same time, this also means that the data is more accurate, therefore contributing to the success of your dissertation.

Acquiring transcriptions for your dissertation

Some students try to transcribe recordings themselves instead of hiring a transcribing service to save a few bucks. However, transcriptions are extremely time-consuming. More often than not, it can seem like it’s almost not worth the effort. Especially when you have more than a handful of recordings and very little spare time to allocate for transcriptions.

Instead of wasting time and energy on menial transcription work, turn your focus to properly recording interviews and doing other pressing tasks. Leave it to TranscriptionWing to provide you with professional transcripts with the highest possible quality! You don’t even have to worry about the cost; we offer an affordable academic research transcription service with flexible rates and turnaround times that will surely fit your budget!

Do not hesitate to let us know your project details by dropping us an email at Our dedicated customer agents would be more than delighted to assist you with your general transcription requests.

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