Word Counter: What Your Writing Workflow Is Missing

January 18, 2023

Word Counter: What Your Writing Workflow Is Missing

Dedicated word counters do more than just count words in a piece of text — they can do wonders for your writing workflow by helping you assess the readability of your content. If you want to take your writing up a notch, having a word counter is non-negotiable.

But why use a dedicated word count tool when word processors like Microsoft Office and Google Docs already have a built-in word count feature?

Here’s what you need to know:

Why Use A Dedicated Word Counter?

When you only need to check the readability or length of published content, using a word processor is unnecessary. Instead, what you need is a dedicated word count tool.

Word counters can be very helpful with:

  • Quickly checking the word count - If you only need to check the number of words and characters in published content without editing it, simply copy and paste the text into a word counter
  • Meeting a word limit - Social media platforms have a maximum limit of words you can place in a single post. A word counter helps you stay within the word limit of various platforms using a single tool
  • Improving content readability - Content readability can be influenced by the length of the text. Generally, the longer a text is, the less enjoyable it is to read. Word count tools like the free counter provided by TranscriptionWing show the estimated reading and speaking time of your text

How To Integrate A Word Counter Into Your Workflow

Whether you’re a student, professional, or content creator, word counters are a perfect addition to your writing process.

Here are a few scenarios where a word counter can be significantly beneficial:

  • Drafting new content - A word count tool allows you to measure the readability of upcoming content during the drafting process. This can streamline your workflow and allow you to publish new content more quickly
  • Assessing the readability of your current content - Part of measuring the performance of your written content is evaluating its readability through its length and reading time. Instead of opening each draft document separately, you can open the content pages you’re assessing and copy and paste each content into a word counter
  • Enhancing video or podcast scripts - Lengthy scripts for spoken content can feel long-winded or boring to your target audience. A word counter can help you shorten your script by providing you with its estimated speaking time 

To be more efficient, bookmark the page of your word counter tool and pin it to the bookmark bar of your web browser. 

What To Look For In A Word Counter

The ideal word counter tool is versatile. It can help you in many ways throughout various activities and functions.

For instance, TranscriptionWing’s word counter tool has features like:

  • Character limits for social media posts - Every social media platform has its own word limit for creating a post. You can paste your content into TranscriptionWing’s word count tool to determine if it fits the character limits of various social media platforms. This lets you quickly adjust your content as needed
  • Number of sentences and paragraphs - Sentences and paragraphs form the structure and flow of ideas of your content. If you have too many paragraphs, it can muddle your ideas. Too few, and you may be missing a significant amount of details. TranscriptionWing’s word count tool provides the number of sentences and paragraphs of your text. It also allows you to edit the text in real time so you can modify it on the fly
  • Reading and speaking time - The length of your text can determine how long it takes for someone to read or speak it. If you’re aiming to keep your content short and digestible, TranscriptionWing’s word count tool shows you the estimated reading and speaking time of your text

Take Advantage Of TranscriptionWing’s Free Word Counter Tool!

With many word count tools available online, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Instead of wasting time and energy to test out each tool, make the best choice with TranscriptionWing’s free word counter tool. It’s designed to help you enhance and optimize your content for better readability.

Combine this tool with the variety of transcription services offered by TranscriptionWing, and you can take your written content to the next level.

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