Market Research Tactics Using Transcriptions

July 29, 2020

Market Research Tactics Using Transcriptions

It might not come as a surprise for some that transcriptions play a part in market research.  Accurate market research transcriptions allow market researchers to reduce hours of video footage, audio clips, and other recordings into manageable and easily interpretable documents. This means that recordings of focus groups, interviews, and more can be easily collected and analyzed. This opens up market research tactics that can make your work more efficient. Why not try these strategies out for yourself for an additional edge in the field?

Here are a few market research strategies where you can leverage transcriptions:

Use transcriptions to collect better qualitative insights

Transcriptions can truly benefit qualitative research. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative focuses on obtaining insights through open-ended questions and conversational communication. This means instead of focusing on exactly “how many”, it asks the questions “what”, “how” and/or “why” and may need intensive reading between the lines.

With market research transcriptions, you have the chance to better understand and analyze focus groups, in-depth interviews, video feedback, audio recordings, and other audio and video data. It’s also a way to make sure you can keep up with videos or audios consisting of multiple speakers, and make sure your data is as accurate as possible.

Use videos with subtitles when conducting global research

Transcriptions can be the stepping stone into creating subtitles and closed captions for your video data. With subtitles and closed captions, you get a number of new possibilities and opportunities, including being able to conduct your research on a global scale.

With subtitles translated into various languages, you can conduct research on other parts of the world and target other demographics. Just think about how you can conduct customer research, qualitative research, in-depth interviews, and more without language barriers. Or targeting specific populations, working with international teams, obtaining new and invaluable insights, and more. All of these are possible with the use of transcriptions or subtitles. 

Use transcripts for searchable and shareable texts

Transcribing your overwhelming amount of video and audio data will result in searchable and shareable texts that can support your research process in many ways. Not only will you be reducing the time it takes for you to accomplish a task, but you’ll also be minimizing the work you do, keeping everything efficient and straightforward.

Here are the several benefits you can reap from searchable and shareable market research transcriptions:

  • You’ll be able to ascertain distinct commentaries or opinions from interviews
  • You’ll be able to share specific passages with the rest of the team easily
  • You’ll be able to smoothly highlight parts and cross-reference your data with previous data or other research details
  • You’ll be able to translate specific words and phrases
  • You’ll be able to add notes and observations

These market research tactics can change your research for the better. Why not use transcriptions for your next qualitative research project?

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