How to Upload Your Podcasts on Youtube

June 16, 2021

How to Upload Your Podcasts on Youtube

A podcast is what you may consider as convenient entertainment. It’s easily downloadable and streamable online, and you can listen to a podcast on your way to work or maybe when you’re walking your dog.

The comfort and ease that a podcast offers has driven its rise in popularity. It continues to grow today, and everybody wants to have a piece of what’s becoming a lucrative pie. As it gets more and more competitive, some have found another way to get ahead: by uploading their podcasts on YouTube.

Why You Should Turn Your Podcasts into Youtube Videos

Gain a bigger audience

Who doesn’t use YouTube? About two billion users are logged in each month, resulting in hundreds of billions of views. It’s not a bad idea to try and use the platform to gain a bigger audience. If you want more people to discover your content, you have to be where they are and where they can see it.

Get feedback from viewers

Users can tell you their thoughts and reactions through the YouTube comment section. With this type of communication, great relationships can be made with those who regularly listen to your podcasts. You’ll know what they think can be improved and what they enjoy most.

Create better strategies

YouTube has an extensive analytics system that provides information on how viewers came across your podcasts, how long they listened to them, which demographic they belong to and more. By gaining these valuable insights, you can determine what podcast topics will perform well and what will not, and then strategize accordingly.

Earn more

As you obtain a significant number of subscribers and audience retention, you may apply for the YouTube Partner program that lets you get a share of the revenue as advertisements and commercials appear on your channel. You can also try to get brand sponsorships and get paid by simply promoting products or services.

By taking ownership of your podcasts and uploading them, all these benefits become available to you. Knowing what you know now, you might then ask, how can I get started?

How to Put Your Podcasts on Youtube

1. Film the entire podcast

Matching the podcast audio with only a static image will not catch enough of a person’s attention. You’ll need to record the podcast on video too. Showing your body language and facial expressions can help you foster a deeper connection with your audience because there’s an actual human element to the whole thing rather than just a mysterious, incorporeal voice.

2. Add closed captions

Now that you’ve converted your podcast into something that can be watched on Youtube, you can add closed captions to provide accessibility to the deaf or hard of hearing. Captions also provide convenience to people who prefer reading over listening.

Putting in that one element makes such a difference, but transcribing and attaching the captions can be too laborious. TranscriptionWing provides professional video captioning or podcast transcriptions for people in a time crunch or for those who simply need help in their productions.

3. Share snippets

A 60-minute podcast might be a bit too long for some audiences, so sharing shorter segments would be more convenient. Then you can include links to download the entire episode for those wanting more. You can also send over the snippets to a mailing list as a way to promote your episodes, and possibly find more supporters of your content.    

4. Upload regularly

Starting out from scratch is immensely difficult, so it’s understandable to feel discouraged when you’re not hitting your numbers. However, to consistently upload your podcasts is truly one of the ways to succeed. It takes time to build your audience, assemble a feasible podcasting routine, and sustain the identity you’ve decided to personify. Success is possible, as long as you have patience, grit, and absolute desire to keep going.

Demand is increasing, but there are those who believe that podcasts only belong in actual podcast platforms despite very clear advantages in exploring other applications. Why not upload your podcasts on YouTube? You can also upload your podcast on Spotify to broaden your reach and boost SEO.

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