4 Ways to Boost Your SEO with Podcast Transcription

May 12, 2021

4 Ways to Boost Your SEO with Podcast Transcription

Growing your podcast and your audience takes a lot of time and effort. Uploading your podcast to Spotify and other big podcast directories is one good strategy, but you also need something to help boost your SEO. A tried and tested approach is by utilizing transcriptions for your podcast. With podcast transcription services, you can easily get your hands on transcripts and publish them on your website. 

Four Ways to Boost SEO with Podcast Transcription

More accessible content and podcast website

The most notable way podcast transcriptions can boost your SEO is by making your content accessible and readily available. Unfortunately, audio isn’t the most accessible or user-friendly when it comes to those who are Deaf or hard of hearing, as well as other people with different disabilities. Transcriptions allow your podcast and your website to be more available for them to consume. You’ll be able to accommodate their needs and preferences, and your podcast will have a wider reach.

Quotations or references and credits

Podcast transcriptions also make it easier for you to get quoted or credited in articles, news pieces,  journals, research, or more. Getting quoted or credited means your brand and your podcast will get strong and relevant backlinks. You’ll be linked to and featured in trusted websites, thus boosting your exposure. This also means that your credibility or authority as a thought leader, an industry professional, or as an influencer will also improve. More people in your niche will then have a chance to discover your content as a podcaster.

Keyword optimization

Optimized keywords can go a long way for your podcast SEO. Optimized keywords make it easier for Google and other search engines to index your podcast transcript. With this, your podcast content will show up relevant searches and appear higher in search results. Your target audience will then be more likely to find your podcast with ease. 

Foreign audience reach

Your podcast transcriptions can be easily translated into multiple languages by search engines, AI translations, or specific transcription services. Translated transcriptions can then reach foreign audiences and can attract a whole new audience or strengthen the current following you have in foreign countries. 

Tips for your podcast transcriptions

Start utilizing podcast transcriptions now to boost your podcast SEO. It is never too late to reinvigorate your content and give it more value for more audiences to find. Here are a few tips that can help you with your podcast transcriptions

  • Know the trends - Staying up to date with the trends and the latest news in your industry goes a long way. This way, you’ll be able to feature relevant content on your podcast and optimize your transcription for keywords. 
  • Publish a write-up or a summary - Write-ups or summaries of your podcast episodes would be included on your website. Not only does this give your audience an overview, it also helps boost your content alongside transcriptions.
  • Keep SEO in mind when recording/posting - It is also best to just always keep SEO in mind when recording your podcast and posting. Choose the right keywords, pick the right title, speak clearly, do segments on your podcast episode, and more. These will all help optimize your podcast transcription quickly. 

Get started with these best practices now and boost your podcasts to reach a wider audience.

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