Last updated: May 11, 2022

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Earnings Calls Transcription

Earnings calls enable management to discuss a company’s business and financial performance and also take questions from financial analysts. Earnings calls take place every 3 months for a public company, but private companies also take these opportunities to update their investors on company or fund performance.

Inaccurate earnings call transcripts have the potential for prediction power on the stock price movement of a company. With financial volatility at stake, it is essential that your earnings call transcript accurately reflect exactly what was spoken on the conference call. For this reason, your earnings call transcriber is a critical partner in accurately reflecting the value of your company. TranscriptionWing™ is an expert in providing accurate transcriptions of earnings calls and financial performance for both public and private companies.

Civicom Mock Jury Transcription Services

Civicom’s TranscriptionWing™ has an in-depth understanding of the needs of trial consultants. We know that your objective is to map out the landscape on which the trial battle will be fought and predict the issues that are going to drive the trial verdict.

Live Mock Juries and Online Mock Jury Focus Groups

We are here to provide the mock jury trial transcription services that make it possible for you to read through and highlight key points of your proceedings. We can transcribe your recorded plaintiff and defense arguments, rebuttals, and closing statements, and all of your individual deliberation sessions. We transcribe both live mock juries and online mock jury focus groups.

If you prefer presentation or deliberation summaries, our meeting minutes service, InSummary™, can provide you with one-to-three-page summaries of any content presented or spoken during your presentations or deliberations. We also provide captioning & subtitles for all types of video, in any language, plus translation services in any language.

Market Research Transcription

As a qualitative market researcher, you are likely facilitating interviews and focus groups, asking questions and observing the interactive discussion that occurs. As a listener for valuable insights, you want your attention free to concentrate on what is taking place in the conversation.

With TranscriptionWing™, you can discover valuable insights without having to scramble between moderating a discussion and taking notes. This can go a long way in helping you analyze what was actually communicated and enhances your ability to draw accurate insights. Market research transcripts allow you to gather information without having to listen to hours of audio. TranscriptionWing™ can deliver these verbatim or with filler words edited out to make them more client-ready.

Healthcare Transcription

TranscriptionWing™ operates in a culture of confidentiality that upholds a strict commitment to a culture of compliance and ensures project security and client information privacy. This includes providing HIPAA-compliant healthcare transcription services for healthcare related studies or projects that require sensitive PII information handling across the board.

Our HIPAA compliant healthcare transcriptions are edited and proofed in a biometrically protected work space, laptops are secured with anti-virus software, transcriptionist computer access is restricted to files only, files are stored in our secure HIPAA compliant server environment, and transmission to you is fully encrypted. We have engaged in an external audit to further assure our HIPAA compliance. To produce client-ready files under this category, transcriptionists also must be thorough in getting all medical terminologies and procedures right. These experienced transcriptionists transcribe healthcare and pharma market research interviews and focus groups and also work on dictation files from medical doctors in need of archiving their patient records for the day.

Conference Calls Transcription

In today’s global and digital marketplace, employees are connecting through conference calls more often, versus making the trek to an offsite meeting or even to an office. Keep track of important business calls and never miss crucial information. Requesting conference call transcripts enables key participants in your organization to have flexible access to information that they might have missed but which was discussed during an essential conversation. Our conference call transcription service provides an invaluable and cost-effective tool for disseminating content to your employees, clients, board members, investors and other constituents. We handle earnings call transcripts and investor call transcripts as well as conference call transcripts and webcast transcriptions of all types.

Our audio and video curation platform can help you with text mining your conference calls and conference call transcripts. You are able to use either the audio, video and text to identify and tag keywords, create clips, and combine clips into storyboards or reports for your various audiences.

Academic Research Transcription

Let TranscriptionWing™ unburden your academic research from menial, time consuming tasks with our academic interview transcription services. Let us convert your recordings of lectures, seminars, or speeches into easy to work with written documents. Working on a dissertation? Having your research or interviews transcribed by our academic research transcriptions team allows you to efficiently analyze data. Written information can be more quickly referred back to and easily digested.

At TranscriptionWing™ we understand that the academic community is pressed enough for time without the extra burden of having to jot down notes and type out recordings. Whether you are a scholar, research assistant, professor, or student, every minute of your time becomes valuable when working under tight deadlines. Transcribing an audio recording from yesterday’s seminar or interview can be time consuming, and is especially frustrating when you would much rather start writing your report or studying immediately. With the help of our academic research transcription services, you can conveniently save time to focus on more urgent things.

Seminar Transcription

Seminars and conferences are a popular form of sharing knowledge and are increasingly being used to promote technical know-how. Seminars are typically very rich in new information and can take up to several hours. While very helpful in nature, the format can make it relatively hard for attendees to assimilate all information. People frantically take notes on their computers or even on paper, missing critical points as they try to keep up with what is being said. The result is valuable insights lost by the listener in the process of concentrating on note-taking instead of the content.

TranscriptionWing™ will transcribe your seminar or conference audio files and return comprehensive documents to you filled with invaluable content, freeing you from the burden of taking extensive notes. We understand the value in obtaining accurate seminar transcriptions on time. TranscriptionWing™ can deliver a written document of the seminar within a matter of hours!

Entertainment / Media Transcription

By 2023, the entertainment market is expected to reach a worth of 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars. That is a lot of programming. The result is an ever-increasing need for entertainment transcriptions, and fortunately TranscriptionWing™ is here to help.

Our entertainment transcription services range from transcribing audio and video from reality TV shows, to documentary transcription, news show transcription, talk show transcription, movie and TV script transcription and radio transcription. We do athlete and celebrity transcriptions from any file format. Adding in closed captioning, subtitles and timestamps to your audio or video is a specialty we provide.

Sermon Transcription

Sermon transcripts can be an essential tool in making your content understandable to members of your church, ministry or to a larger audience. Sermon transcripts can be a great way of spreading influence to others for religious or spiritual purposes. TranscriptionWing™ can assist you by providing high quality, accurate audio or video transcription of your sermons into accessible transcript files.

Share your sermons to more people by utilizing the transcripts in blog posts, podcasts, videos, live-stream events, books, social media and presentations, all of which are effective ways to reach the people who enjoy your lectures. Having a word-for-word transcript of your sermon will also benefit your audience who want a written copy of it for easier digestion.  TransciptionWing™ can also translate your sermon into another language. This helps when you have a multi-lingual congregation, where religious law suggests you make the text available in original languages, or you want to reach a wider international audience.

Politics Transcription

Politics can be a very tricky business. There are always a thousand nuances hiding behind even the most innocuous-sounding statement, and a single wrong step, whether a word that resonates with a certain part of the population wrong, the decision not to meet with a certain person, or choosing to not appear in a particular state, city or town can prove fatal. Accuracy contributes to survival in politics, as well as in politics transcriptions.

TranscriptionWing™ can transcribe political debates, speeches, media interviews, rallies, public meetings, campaign events, election strategy calls and meetings, campaign huddles, town halls, and interviews with constituents. Our team of experienced proofers will deliver transcribed political messages that are accurate, giving you the opportunity to make your case based on what you actually said and not what a biased listener reported or a casual note-taker interpreted. Make you political voice heard through our accurate speech and debate transcription service.

Podcasts Transcription

Podcasting is an exciting form of knowledge sharing that centers around episodic series of audio or video files. Users may subscribe to podcasts, which cover an entire spectrum of different topics ranging from education and news to entertainment. One great podcast feature is the ease of accessibility; consumers can obtain the latest podcasts in just seconds after they get published. Unfortunately, listeners do have to take in information at the rate that is spoken. This can take significantly longer than when processing a written document, and can become particularly frustrating when having to relocate information that had been communicated at an earlier point in the audio.

Deliver your information in a more accessible way. Our podcast transcription service allows your on-the-go subscribers to better understand and navigate the spoken information. Our YouTube transcription editors can also clean up machine-generated YouTube transcripts to make them more readable and accessible.