There comes a time in any organization’s life – whether it is a market research firm, a financial institution, a hospital, a university, a legal firm, a graduate thesis group, or even a simple neighborhood organization – that transcriptions would be needed for one purpose or another. In that time, a question that these organizations would face is whether to outsource their files to a general transcription service or to have them transcribed in-house.

While there are no doubt some stellar arguments for having in-house transcribers do your transcriptions, it cannot be denied that outsourcing transcriptions to general transcription services would give you the greatest bang for your buck. Why? Listed below are some of the most important points:

  1. Save time and cost – In a world where hiring a bunch of staff means having to spend cold, hard cash not only for their salaries and bonuses but also equipment, office space, electricity and a myriad of other equally important easily overlooked things, general transcription services are your best friend. Not only do you free up valuable office space, which often comes at a premium these days, what with prime office space being rather expensive, you also don’t have to worry about how much cash to set aside for funding your in-house transcribers. You’re now free to spend all that cash you save where it can do the most good for your organization and its goals, because you pay these general transcription services only when you have requests for transcripts.
  2. Access to experienced transcribers – Transcription services are called transcription services for a reason: they excel in providing transcription services. These services employ people who have had specialized training to enhance their natural skillsets and thus enable them to deliver to organizations high-quality transcription. Delegate the task of transcription to the people who do those best, and let your own people work on the tasks they are experts at.
  3. Flexibility in files – Most general transcription services offer several ways to make the data contained within your files much easier to digest. The most common ones include delivering transcriptions in verbatim, speaker identification, time stamps, audio tagging, video captioning, delivering machine-generated transcripts, and template and format customization. All of these options ensure that your files can be delivered to you in the way you want it and in the format you would like it to be in, whatever these may be.
  4. No HR headaches – Anyone who has ever worked in an organization’s human resource department knows that it is a rather tasking place to work in, thanks in large part to the nature of their work of having to deal with a somewhat dizzying amount of characters in the whole organization. Show your appreciation to these folks by outsourcing your transcriptions to a general transcription service, which will surely reduce their burden by at least a little, because then they don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring, training, and supervising even more employees.
  5. Compliance with privacy/data security laws – As privacy and data security becomes more and more important, organizations are becoming more hard-pressed to simply just delegate parts of their essential work to other organizations due to laws and regulations that may require substantial investment of time and resources, which is something that some organizations simply would not be able to do for a variety of reasons. Quality general transcription services, however, generally keep up to date and comply with the latest developments in the data privacy world, and as such, you may rest easy with the knowledge that sending your files to these services would not compromise any confidential information in any way, shape, or form.

All of the abovementioned benefits push the point that outsourcing transcripts are a great way to make your organization grow and accomplish its goals. Then again, it all depends on the particular needs and resources of your organization. Still, when you decide to use a general transcription service, make sure that you pick only the best. After all, success begins with quality service.

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