“I have sensitive data. How can you guarantee that my data is secure?”

Now, this is a question clients will often bring up when it comes to transcription. Security is crucial, and ensuring that the client’s data stays secure and confidential is even more so.

This article addresses strict security processes when it comes to safeguarding data involved in transcription, and how you can ensure data security when choosing a general transcription service for recordings with highly sensitive information (i.e. corporate, market research, or legal transcriptions).

Consider these things to ensure your data security in general transcriptions:

Accounts and passwords.

Every transcriptionist and editor must be assigned unique accounts and passwords to eliminate any possible unauthorized access. All passwords should be kept on a secure storage device, overseen by a Chief Confidentiality Officer. Laptops provided to transcriptionists should also be secured by disabling all external drives in the systems as well as limiting access to web pages and emails.

File Storage.

You upload a file for transcription, it gets delivered to you, and then what happens to those uploaded files? This shouldn’t be a mystery. Make sure that your files are not being kept permanently for whatever purpose. There should be a limited storage time that enable your confidential files (transcripts, audio and video files) be deleted automatically when the project has been completed. Printing out transcripts is also prohibited.

Oath of Confidentiality.

All employees – not just transcriptionists – should be required to take an oath of confidentiality quarterly to remind them of their responsibility of keeping highly sensitive information in confidence and the repercussions of not adhering to the company’s security processes.

Office Restrictions.

There should be a restricted room for general transcription accessible to authorized personnel only. That means having biometrics, card swipe, and a security door. Any personal electronic devices should be prohibited in the transcription room too, to prevent any apparent breaches of confidentiality.

Legal Measures.

We strictly implement all of our rules and regulations towards our employees. In case of a security breach, the managers will thoroughly review the case and may impose an immediate termination of the breacher, file a case against the breacher in the court of law, or impose damaging fees depending on the extent of the breach.

Here at TranscriptionWing, we value all of our clients’ transcription needs and overall customer experience, especially in data privacy! If you want to learn more about our culture of confidentiality, leave us an email at transcripts@civi.com and we’ll walk you through our secure general transcription process specific to your project needs and requirements.

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