5 Ways Interview Transcriptions Can Improve Your Market Research

August 9, 2021

5 Ways Interview Transcriptions Can Improve Your Market Research

Transcribed interviews are more than just interviews in text form. Accurate transcripts are essential to have alongside your recorded qualitative interviews or focus groups - they can bring many benefits and advantages as you prepare your research report.

Having to review multiple, possibly lengthy interview recordings can be a struggle. They can take up your precious time and energy that could have been spent on something more impactful.

Here are five ways how interview transcriptions can help you step up your market research:

1. Enhanced understanding

High-quality interview transcriptions can greatly enrich the data and insights you gather from your interviews by making it easier to understand the input of the respondent. This is thanks to the variety of features you can utilize when you get help from an expert market research transcription service provider.

Better context

You can acquire verbatim transcripts that allow you to review the respondent’s input without losing critical insights. Verbatims are transcriptions that include every sentence, phrase, and utterance, providing the full context of the interview. On the other hand, you can opt for smart verbatim transcripts where irrelevant false starts or filler words are removed, leaving you with just the information you need.

Better attribution

Another useful inclusion in an interview transcript is speaker labels that identify who is saying what in the interview. They allow you to effectively attribute insights to specific individuals. You can still maintain the protection of respondent PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with speaker labels - you can use labels that mask respondents’ identities instead of their real names.

Market researcher analyzing interview transcriptions made by transcriptionists

2. More efficient workflow

With an interview transcript, you can forgo the time-consuming process of having to play and pause your video or audio recording over and over again to review specific parts of the interview.

You can do this with timestamps, which are another great feature that let you know exactly at what point in the interview specific insights occurred. Timestamps make it possible to track what previous comments were made and at what time, based on how far you were along in your discussion guide.

Overall, it becomes significantly easier to analyze an interview when it’s transcribed and even more so when you use timestamps.

3. Streamlined research process

As a market researcher, you want to focus on your more critical objectives: interpreting market research data and coming up with an effective strategy for your client or your brand. You want to get rid of tedious tasks like reviewing hours of recordings or transcribing interviews yourself that can slow down your research process.

There is no need to take your valuable time creating your own transcriptions. It is much more efficient to partner with an experienced market research transcriptions service that can accommodate quick turnaround times for delivering the transcripts you need when you need them.

4. Better accessibility

Generally, interview transcripts can come in .doc, .docx, or .txt files, making them easy to store in the cloud and share with your team. This also allows for improved collaboration since you can quickly and conveniently provide access to your other research team members.

For global or multi-country market research projects, you can also have your interviews transcribed in the local language or translated into any language of your choice, thus improving accessibility of the content to those who speak and understand a language other than the primary language used in your study.

5. Improved quality control

Finding errors or lapses in your research can be incredibly difficult to correct because of all the data you have to sift through. Interview transcripts can make double takes a lot less frustrating because of how easy it is to return to a certain data point when you need to verify your findings.

Altogether, having an interview transcript on hand is very convenient when you have to review some missing components in your data.

Interview transcriptions are convenient and beneficial to help you take your market research to the next level. Ensure you have the best quality transcriptions by having a dedicated transcription service like TranscriptionWing to take care of your interview transcription needs and help you improve your market research process.

TranscriptionWing™ is a unit of Civicom Marketing Research Services, providing hundreds of interview and focus group transcripts a year to over 250 clients worldwide.

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