5 Reasons Why You Need A Medical Transcription Service

August 2, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need A Medical Transcription Service

Using medical assistants to transcribe medical reports is resourceful, but inefficient. Yes, you can take care of medical transcriptions this way, but you’ll also cripple their productivity. There’s already a lot on their hands that adding medical transcriptions to the mix will wear them down even more.

The smart choice is to get professional transcriptionists to transcribe your medical reports for you. Here are 5 reasons why you need a medical transcription service.

1. Specialization

A medical transcriptionist service can transcribe your audio for you into various types of healthcare documentation. Simply send over the audio, and they will outsource one of their many expert transcriptionists who specialize in medical documents: formally educated, certified, and HIPAA-compliant

Their specialization may also include using various electronic medical record (EMR) systems, handling various types of medical documents, and knowledge of protocols for formatting and updating medical documents. Don’t forget that they have a trained ear and you can put your full faith in them to do the job. 

Medical assistants are capable of medical transcriptions, too, but their role requires them to cover a wide range of tasks that lead them from one specialty to another. With a medical transcription service, you can rest assured that your medical transcripts will be done with special attention.

2. Smoother workflow

Transcribing medical reports is a long process. And yet it’s just one of many things that medical assistants do aside from fast-paced tasks like answering calls, scheduling appointments, and so on. Adding a slow task to a river of fast ones can drastically slow down the ebb and flow of their work.

This is where a medical transcription service can come in handy. You can take away one hard task from the many that medical assistants have to juggle. Leave the medical transcripts to the transcriptionists so that your medical assistants can do what they do best without interruption.

With a medical transcription service, a hospital or a clinic can run more smoothly and efficiently, and give patients undivided attention.

3. Lower expenses

Leaving the lengthy task of transcribing medical documents or reports to your already busy medical assistants can cause them to work overtime to finish it among many other duties. With a lot on their shoulders, that means a lot of overtime you have to compensate for.

You don’t have to worry about overtime expenses with medical transcriptionists. Transcribing medical reports is all they have to do. Plus, they’ll be able to finish all the transcriptions within working hours, allowing you to speed up the hospital’s productivity at a small price.

4. Flexible turnaround

Hospitals are a hectic environment. Documents like radiology reports, progress notes, and operative reports may have a lenient turnaround. But there are also documents like discharge summaries that need to be finished right away. There are so many different deadlines that you’ll be nauseous before you can wrap your head around them.

With the expertise of a medical transcriptionist, they can finish transcribing medical records in no time. This is especially important with documents that need to be processed right away like discharge reports. They can handle the deadlines for the transcriptions so that you don’t have to.

5. Better quality control

Transcribing can be a very tedious process, even more so for medical assistants because they’re always exhausted from other administrative tasks. When mistakes happen in the transcription, they have to do it all over again. This leads to delays in the treatment of patients.

Medical transcriptionists can transcribe all the dictations and utterances to the letter. They have the energy, patience, and attention to detail to transcribe medical reports that leave no room for error. This lets the doctors treat their patients quickly and properly.

When you have a reliable medical transcription service, your medical assistants can fully commit to their tasks without delay.

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