Last updated: April 21, 2022


Transcription Services

Need your audio or video recordings transcribed? TranscriptionWing™ has got you covered!


Step 1: Choose a Service

Select from a range of services we have to offer


Step 2: Upload Your Recordings

Submit the recording that you wish to have transcribed


Step 3: We Transcribe Your Audio

Our transcriptionists transcribe your speech to text


Step 4: We Edit and Proof

Our editors will go through your transcript and do a final review


Step 5: Receive Your Transcripts

Transcripts will be sent to you in your chosen format


Audio Transcriptions

Whether it be conference calls, market research interviews, focus groups for academia, seminars, sermons, or podcasts, we can delivery audio transcriptions under any document template you require. TranscriptionWing™ can also work with any audio format you provide – be it hard or soft copy recordings. Should you send over hard copy audio files, we can convert them into digital copies, making it accessible for you to download the recording online in your TranscriptionWing™ account, for a small fee. We can accept soft copy media, on the other hand, virtually. TranscriptionWing™ can work on digital files that are .mp3 and .wav in format, among many others.

Woman transcribing and editing audio files on a computer

Video Transcriptions

Apart from working with audio recordings, TranscriptionWing™ can also help out with your video transcription needs. Whether it be a series of interview footages or a three-hour long conference taped on camera, in formats other than .mp4, .avi, or .mpeg, trust that we can provide the subtitling or captioning service your project requires. With the team’s keen attention to details, expect that your material’s audio and visual aspects will be tied together with precise text and cues. Timecodes or timestamps may also be included in the transcript to better promote the synchronization of the various components of your work, such as different angles shot and separate audios recorded.

Conveniently transcribe video files from your home computer

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We take audio and video transcriptions to a new level!
Tools and choices to ensure your project’s success.

Transfers Files Faster

Uploading recordings via TranscriptionWing’s new upload page has never been easier!
With our new “drag and drop” feature, transferring files is now easier, faster, and much more convenient.  Just select the files you want to have transcribed, choose your desired delivery preference, and click upload.   It’s that simple! With this update on our site’s uploading page, our clients can now enter as many requests as they want without having to worry about taking too much time in repeating the process again and again. Try it for yourself the next time you try to upload multiple files in a single session.

Accepts Most Formats

Aside from the usual MP3 and WAV files, our system accepts different audio and video formats.  Visit our Audio Formats page to see if your recording is compatible with our system.
If your file’s extension isn’t on the list, don’t worry!  Send it over to us and we’ll take care of converting it to an acceptable format.
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Easy Upload

Upload up to 10 audio files at a time into your online TranscriptionWing™ account (up to 1.6 gigabytes per upload)!  We also support uploads from third-party sites such as Dropbox and Google drive.  Just drop the link and you’re good to go!

Flexible Turnaround

Prioritize each transcription request based on your deadline and budget. A simple drop down menu allows you to select the desired turnaround time and transcription rate for each file!

Customizable Transcripts

We accept unique transcription formats and templates!
Need verbatim transcripts with timestamps? Identify important segments of your transcript for easier reference. Need to label speakers for better attribution? A comments section is available in your account which allows you to give directions to the transcription team for each file. Use it to give the team a heads up. You may also upload a discussion guide or a list of terms specific to your recording. This helps us ensure proper nouns in your transcript are identified properly.

Convenient Delivery

Transcripts are emailed to you as soon as they are completed and are also stored to your secured online account.  If you have additional instructions regarding file delivery such as additional recipients or security measures, let us know.

We Love Feedback

We love feedback! Each transcript includes a way for you to tell us how we are doing with a simple click.
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