How Transcription Improves Your Academic Note-taking Experience

February 28, 2020

How Transcription Improves Your Academic Note-taking Experience

Note-taking is a crucial activity and an important resource for any learner, which is why taking effective notes is an essential skill. For most, taking down notes during class can be a struggle. There is the dilemma of choosing whether to listen to the instructor or to instead jot down notes at the expense of focusing on the class. While many would argue to simply do both - not everyone is gifted with keen listening and multitasking skills.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution - why not record the lecture and get it transcribed? Academic transcriptions come with various benefits. 

Three ways academic transcription can add an extra boost in your note-taking experience:

1. It lets you listen and participate actively in class.

You can keep your notebook or your laptop in your bag and just immerse yourself in the lecture and instead participate in class activities. Without having to jot or type down notes, you can engage more with the group, ask questions, offer ideas, and clarify things you don’t fully understand. 

During class, all you have to do is record the lecture using your smartphone or recorder and then have your audio recording converted into a text format.

2. It buys you more time to study.

No more rewriting notes after class. Most students have the tendency to just scribble down key points that are likely to be illegible at the end of the day. All that fixing and rewriting takes precious time that could have been used for studying. On the other hand, recording the session and getting it converted into a lecture transcript will help you review it better and focus only on the parts of the discussion you find difficult to understand. You can also avoid stress or burnout at school by trying to multitask all different projects and activities all at the same time. 

In case you need a transcript immediately for you to review in preparation for an exam the next day, look for a transcription company with a fast turnaround time. This should help you get your notes back in no time.

3. A more accurate and organized notes.

There are two major ingredients for note-taking to be effective: accuracy and organization. There should be a precise translation from what the speaker says to what word goes into your notes. On the other hand, an organized structure of your notes will help you better digest the lesson by highlighting important details and simplifying the text layout.

A professional academic transcription company can provide a neatly organized and summarized transcript. With this, you can get the most out of your notes and easily understand your usually hard-to-read writing.

4. Easy to review and share.

Another advantage of having your sessions in transcript form is that compiling and retrieving your notes becomes more convenient. You can easily store a copy of all your transcriptions on your laptop, using a notes app of your choice, or upload it to the cloud to make it accessible across all of your devices. Retrieving is as simple as compiling as long as you follow a naming convention for your files. Transcription also makes your notes easier to share. Not only are they electronic, they are also more universally legible.

Note-taking is vital in numerous academic setups such as classroom lectures, seminars, conferences, and research interviews. Hence, conversion of recorded audio notes into accurate transcripts are highly encouraged to make analyzing and sharing of information much easier. If non-verbal cues are important in the study, video capturing is an option, with the transcription company also translating gestures into text. 

An effective note is easily within reach when you hire a professional academic transcription company with a quick throughput. Utilize technology at your disposal, such as your smartphone, by recording the lessons you attend and having it converted into pure text. It will save a significant amount of your time, may you be a student, a researcher, and/or a professional. Without a doubt, audio transcriptions will help improve the overall workflow in the academic field. Give yourself a couple extra hours to attend other activities. Maximize technology to maximize your education, and improve your processes.

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