5 Benefits of Secured Legal Transcriptions to Your Business

February 17, 2020

5 Benefits of Secured Legal Transcriptions to Your Business

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Many law firms, legal departments, corporate teams and lawyers the world over swear by and turn to transcription services when they need their files transcribed into word format, and for good reason too. While it may not seem so to people outside of the legal practice, it is indeed true that outsourcing transcriptions of such things as hearings, depositions, administrative and legal documents, claims interviews and whatnot directly benefit businesses in dealing with legal matters. How so?

Here are five ways how secured legal transcripts can benefit your business:

1. Keep information confidential

Confidentiality of information is a key cornerstone in the legal world, and with good reason, as unauthorized access to certain information by certain parties can and will lead to some very unfortunate consequences. As such, when looking to have your audio files transcribed, turn to trusted transcription services.

The good transcription services, on top of having their transcriptionists sign NDAs and other such requirements as needed, utilize secure online systems on which legal firms can upload their audio and video file. These files then get assigned to different transcriptionists; however, all files are split into many different parts which are then assigned to different transcriptionists. This ensures that no single transcriptionist has no access to full audio or video recording, thus ensuring that nobody has a full picture of anything and thus cannot really leak much information.

2. Archive files digitally

It used to be that law firms and the like had rows upon rows of shelves stacked full with all manners of documents, tape recordings, and the like pertaining to all cases, whether past or present. While this ensured that there was ready access to past cases - something which is useful in solving cases - it was still something of a pain to wade through all these documents. The advent of digital transcription solved this problem for many, because now that legal transcriptions are stored digitally, cataloging, sorting, and searching through these files become a simple matter of typing in keywords or phrases.

3. Customized format

Some legal firms and departments follow very strict guidelines when it comes to the format of their documents. These guidelines vary widely between firms and departments and are very useful because they help people be more organized and efficient. Timestamps, for example, can help lawyers access a specific part of an audio file much quicker and thus dig deeper into the information being presented by whoever is speaking. Transcription services provide options for whatever customized format you may require, which helps immensely in ensuring that everything remains uniform and thus easy to understand.

4. Save money

Quite a number of legal firms and departments swear by having in-house transcribers that can transcribe their files. While this has its own advantages - foremost among them being the fact that information is much better protected because it is kept insular - the fact remains that hiring additional people to transcriber files can and will put a serious dent in a legal firm or department's budget. Transcription services, meanwhile, are not only dirt cheap but also offer such things as bundles, plans, and other low-cost transcription options.

5. Save time and be more efficient

If there is one thing that can be said to be the enemy of everyone working in the legal field, it is time. There is never enough time for anything in the legal field: never enough time to sift through a dozen other similar cases to find loopholes and the like, never enough time to exhaustively interview every witness, never enough time to review the battle plan and revise according to the latest information available, et cetera. As such, every little thing that can give more time is always appreciated. Hiring transcription services does more than giving time. It allows lawyers, defendants, and what-have-you the ability to be more efficient, because now these people don't have to worry about transcribing their files when someone is doing it for them.

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