How to Repurpose Podcast Content in 5 Easy Ways

May 26, 2021

How to Repurpose Podcast Content in 5 Easy Ways

Creating an excellent podcast isn’t easy. You invest in equipment and editing software and spend valuable time producing your high-quality content, so you want to make sure you get the most out of your time and effort. You also want to expand your reach and share your content to as many audiences as possible. You can do both of these things by repurposing your podcast.

While posting podcast links on social media is helpful, it’s best to share your content using various means. Let’s discuss five easy ways on how you can repurpose podcast content.

1. Transcribe your podcast recordings

Creating a transcript of your podcast is one of the smartest ways to reuse your content and increase the number of your listeners. It makes your work more accessible to those who prefer reading materials instead of listening to them.

Transcriptions can assist you with social media content as well. Imagine listening to podcast episodes multiple times to get the quote you want. It’s time-consuming, right?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a fortune to do the transcription. An affordable and accurate transcription service like Transcriptionwing can help.

2. Write blog posts

This is one of the main reasons why transcribing your content is beneficial. Copying the transcription verbatim may not be as good a read as it is listened to, but it can help you plan and compose your article.

Featuring your podcast as a guest post for websites with high authority can also build your reputation and grow your audience.

3. Give free downloads

Who can say no to free stuff? You can build or grow your email subscriber base by transforming the key details from your podcast into free downloadable materials. You can attract more people to subscribe or send it out to your existing subscribers. Think of this as a reward for their continuous support.

4. Create quote graphics

Since 65 percent of the world’s population are considered visual learners, it’s likely that the majority of your audience falls in this category. Making quote graphics enables you to reach them effectively.

Repurpose your podcast by gathering major insights from the episode and make quote graphics out of them. Put in mind that there are several contents on the web so you have to find ways to stand out and get noticed.

5. Produce videos

Adding a camera to your podcast production can make a huge difference. Doing this allows your audience to get to know the person behind the voice.

You can simply video yourself while recording your podcast audio. While you may get excited to post the whole video in one go, breaking it up into teasers or bite-sized content can help you maintain a steady flow of content to share and can give you better engagement on various platforms. Social media users prefer instant digestible content. A 20-second clip of a valuable discussion can be more engaging than just a link that says “Watch the new episode now!”

As an alternative, you can shoot behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to record the episode. There’s no need to purchase top-notch gear for this. You can use a webcam or the camera on your smartphone to shoot everything.

Follow these simple steps and start repurposing your podcast to better your reach.

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