Ten Reasons You Should Record and Transcribe Your Lecture Notes

September 6, 2021

Ten Reasons You Should Record and Transcribe Your Lecture Notes

There are two things that you do during a lecture: participate in class, and take down notes. The latter half can be cumbersome because it takes you away from enjoying the discussion. A fantastic alternative is relying on lecture recording transcription. This is a convenient and helpful technique that can do far more than transcribing your professor’s lecture. Here are 10 reasons why you should transcribe your lectures.

1. Focus on the lecture

During a lecture, we juggle between taking notes and listening to the professor. This causes us to split our attention and miss being able to fully appreciate and understand the lessons.

When you record and transcribe your lecture notes, you can fully focus on the lecture and worry about taking notes later.

2. Participate in the discussion

Your professor may ask the class a question during the lecture. If this happens while you’re taking notes, you either:

  1. Answer the question, but lose track of what you’re writing.
  2. Keep writing, but lose the chance of getting a grade for reciting.

You can avoid this dilemma by recording and transcribing the lecture. This way, you’ll always be the first one to raise your hand and answer. Plus, your answer and feedback get picked up, too, so you’ll learn even more from participating.

3. Save energy

Jotting down notes quickly while catching up on the discussion can take a toll on your energy, especially when you have other classes to attend on the same day.

Transcribing your lecture notes lets you reserve your energy efficiently. You can spend energy only on listening, participating, and answering quizzes during lecture time while still having enough energy to deal with homework and even socialize with friends.

If you want to maximize your energy, consider relying on a transcription service to transcribe your lecture notes for you while you deal with other work.

4. Save time

You’ll also save a lot of time with transcribed lecture notes. You don’t have to spend time asking your classmates to share their notes for you to copy. 

Simply record and transcribe the lecture, and you’ll have notes already in hand with time to spare for homework, extracurricular activities, and hobbies.

5. Never miss a detail

When we take notes of a lecture, we jot down what we think are the most important details. The problem is that we misjudge what these essential details are, causing us to have undetailed notes.

Transcribed lecture notes are basically the professor’s teachings in text form. They’ll always be complete and give you every detail, from their jokes down to the most crucial bits of information that might end up on your final exam.

6. Include your classmates’ input

We don’t usually write down what our classmates said during the discussion, since we’re more focused on what the professor is saying. But what if they actually mentioned something important or insightful? 

This realization usually comes late, and chances are we won’t remember what they said for us to take note. With lecture transcriptions, all of your classmates’ lightbulb moments are heard and noted. You’ll never know when you’ll thank a classmate for saying something in class that saved you in a quiz.

7. Be a dependable classmate

Do you have classmates who were absent during a discussion? Or classmates who didn’t get to note down everything important the professor said?

You can be massively helpful to them by sharing your lecture transcripts. While typical notes can also help, they’re always inferior to transcripts. Everyone has their own way of note-taking that not everybody can understand. On the other hand, lecture transcriptions are highly accessible to everyone because they came straight out of the professor’s mouth.

8. Review smoothly

Studying hard for a final exam requires complete, accurate, and detailed notes along with your textbooks. This includes a lot of the professor’s discussion which completes your understanding of the topics.

You’re sure to be completely in the know when you have lecture transcripts. All you have to do is organize the information in a neat manner, then you have a reviewer that’s reliable and on-point.

Plus, lecture transcriptions are incredibly convenient when you’re looking for key terms. You can use the search function on your word processor to immediately jump to moments when your professor mentioned a specific term.

9. Correct your notes

With typical note-taking, you may realize that your notes have errors or missing bits of info. These can only be corrected if you have a way of going back to the professor's discussion.

Lecture recording transcriptions can give you just that. You can go back to an audio recording, see where your notes missed, and plug the holes - no more asking your professor to repeat what they said.

10. Ace your class

Your overall performance in class can drastically improve with lecture transcriptions. By just pressing “Record” on your laptop or recording device, you’ll not only take care of the note-taking part of the class but also leave yourself open to participating in the discussion and improving your grades overall.

Learning and enjoying your studies comes from pairing up with a study partner. If you want to fully experience the convenience of lecture transcriptions, pair yourself with a transcription service provider to take care of your notes for you.

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