What Difference Can Subtitles Make to Your Videos?

October 22, 2021

What Difference Can Subtitles Make to Your Videos?

Perhaps you have found yourself whispering, “What did she say?” because the movie’s loud background score drowned out the dialogue. Maybe you’ve watched video clips speaking an unfamiliar language on YouTube. In instances like these, video subtitles make all the difference.

Most people resort to watching films or television series to get away from reading. However, some can never truly enjoy media content without subtitles guiding them through every single frame. When you enable subtitles, you can instantly better comprehend what you’re watching without having to turn the volume up. 

Here are some ways subtitles can dramatically improve your watching experience.

It spells out technical terms

Medical or law shows are entertaining to watch because they give aspiring doctors and lawyers a glimpse of what it’s like on the job. However, it may get confusing once characters throw out jargon after jargon in dialogue throughout their profession. 

When you face the typical pause-rewind-play dilemma, subtitles can save your watching experience. For best results, consider using a trusty video transcription service that knows how to make subtitles for a video.

It withstands background noises

There are many factors that might get in the way of you enjoying your much awaited episode or film. These are present whether you are in the comforts of your own home or out in the city. The rush hour noise, the chitchats at the back, or students whining are just to name a few.

In scenarios like this, subtitles will let you understand every word in the script, no matter where you are.

It breaks language barriers

Imagine discovering the film La vita è bella or the Netflix hit Narcos. Think about all the good things people say about the two while watching it without translations. It would be such a buzzkill without the subtitles option, right? 

Nowadays, filmmakers around the world explore the art of storytelling by highlighting different cultures and languages. To show their works to the world, they need accurately translated captions that go along with the visuals.

It helps those who are trying to learn a different language

One of the reasons why people learn a different language is understanding foreign shows without subtitles. However, some people may struggle with fast dialogue or unfamiliar words.

Subtitles are fantastic in helping language learners keep up with foreign shows. They can also help them familiarize themselves with different accents or talking speeds for a specific language. This can come in very handy especially when they want to learn to speak with native speakers.

This is important especially for content creators who want to expand the reach of their content. When they add subtitles to their videos online, they can allow a more diverse audience to watch their content, thus increasing their engagement dramatically.

It bridges gaps for the deaf or hard of hearing

Apart from providing help in making out inaudible monologues or dialogues in videos, subtitles play an important role for the deaf or hard of hearing. With only the visuals to indulge in audio-visual materials, these texts get the film or the show’s message across. In order to effectively do that though, a transcription job that dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s is key.

Some people may consider subtitles distracting and video transcription, long additional work. Nevertheless, the fact remains that it benefits both the viewer and the video producer. Subtitling can help carefully well thought-out content reach out to a large number of audiences. For best results, consider relying on a professional transcription service like TranscriptionWing.

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