Benefits of Being a Freelance Transcriptionist

May 10, 2018

Benefits of Being a Freelance Transcriptionist

Nowadays, the idea of telecommuting or remote work is enticing to many people. With the many advantages it brings, it's no surprise that more and more people are looking forward to working remotely.

Everyone can try to hunt for opportunities offering this kind of work arrangement. One of the most common options, of course, is general transcription. If you’re looking into it, here are some notable benefits of being a freelance transcriptionist:

1. Flexible schedule.

Working as a freelance general transcriptionist allows you to set your own hours. This also empowers you to take control of your personal and career calendars. It’s totally up to you whether you prefer to work during the day or night time and how long. You get to decide when to take breaks too! Jobs in transcriptions relieve you from the pressure of a company’s standard working hours. You’ll be free to maximize family bondings and other priorities, as long as you don’t flake and are able to meet strict deadlines.

2. Control your earnings.

Transcriptions is also a good industry to explore if you’re hunting for a part-time job for supplemental income. General transcription is a fantastic way to make some extra money to make ends meet when savings have fallen short. You can control your earnings by taking extra assignments (as needed) which can give you some income security.

3. Employment opportunities.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, retiree, or even a college student - you can opt to be a freelance transcriptionist even if you have a non-transcription line of work. As long as you possess the necessary skills of a good transcriptionist, you will surely be able to generate superior outputs. Additionally, getting transcription certifications can give you a definite edge in the industry, and is otherwise required if you want to apply for specialized transcription jobs if you want to work as a medical transcriptionist or as a court reporter or stenographer for legal purposes.

4. Portability.

Have you ever felt like seemingly unable to build a career, as if constantly moving gets you stuck in always being the newbie? If you’re a professional nomad (e.g. military spouse), general transcription online can give you a steady career. This is because the portability of transcription jobs allows you to take your work anywhere you go. You can even work while you’re on the road or on vacation!

5. Minimal Equipment Investment.

Starting a freelance general transcription career is probably the best work at home job around if you don’t have the means to invest in a family business. You don’t have to purchase anything for transcriptions. All you need to have is a laptop or desktop computer, a headset, and a decent internet connection. Most of these you probably have at arms reach already given the digital age. Plus, the software and transcription formats you’ll need will be provided by the transcribing company you choose to work for! There’s a vast selection of free transcription software you can download from the internet too if you decide to be an independent transcriptionist.

6. Work-Life Balance.

Working as a transcriptionist remotely also gives you the great advantage of improving work-life balance. As mentioned above, being a freelance general transcriptionist empowers you to take control of your personal and career endeavors. This means that you'll have more chances to strengthen that work-life balance many cannot achieve when working in an office. You can set your own hours, separate your work and personal matters, and more. Best of all is that, you'll be able to focus on your work without sacrificing your personal time.

7. Health and Safety is a Priority.

Working remotely as a freelance transcriptionist also means that your health and safety is a priority. You won't be at risk when it comes to colds or other viruses that can spread in your office. You'll also less likely to suffer when it comes to pandemics. Apart from that, you'll also be able to take better care of yourself, have enough sleep every day, and get as much rest you need.

The aforementioned benefits are without a doubt attractive, however, you must be completely aware of what remote work entails. It requires immense self-discipline for effective time management. There should be limitations set for different distractions - tradeoffs for the comfort of your home - in order to competently get the job done.

You must also be ready to face the stark difference between working in an office and working remotely. It might come as a shock, it might take some time for you to adjust. However, once you have those figured out and you're open to this kind of setup, you can fit right into being a freelance transcriptionist.

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