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Last updated: April 28, 2022



What is Market Research Transcription?

Any company/business official or executive worth his salt knows that when releasing a new product, he or she must undergo a number of steps. Perhaps the most important of these steps - and consequently the most time-consuming - is market research, described simply by Edward McQuarrie in his 2005 book…
Ian Bazarte
September 4, 2018

Why Automated Transcription Requires a Human Touch

Speech recognition technology displayed impressive improvements in the past few years. In fact, Microsoft announced last year that their conversational speech recognition system has reached the lowest error rate of 5.1%. The said technology led to the rise of many automated transcription services and slowly decreased the popularity of human…
August 23, 2018

Types of Market Research Transcriptions

Market research transcription is very useful in the insight discovery process of qualitative researchers all over the world. Transcripts streamline the initial steps of data interpretation such as note taking, sorting, and filtering information. Here are the different types of transcriptions market researchers can leverage for more studies: In-Depth Interview…
July 24, 2018

Is General Transcription A Good Career?

Not a lot of people talk about what it takes to become a good general transcriptionist and things the job deals with. Here is a basic overview of general transcription and what it might entail for you as a freelancer. Transcribing means listening to an audio file and typing out…
June 29, 2018

How to Learn General Transcription

Transcription is one of the perpetually in demand jobs on freelance working platforms. These transcription jobs can be found alongside data management, virtual assistant needs, and administrative assistant jobs. Basically, the role of a transcriptionist is to convert audio to text. Transcriptionists produce an accurate transcription of a recording which…
June 28, 2018