Advantages of Getting Recruitment Interview Transcriptions

February 13, 2019

Advantages of Getting Recruitment Interview Transcriptions

The art of finding the right people to hire into a company is just that: an art. People who have experienced working in the Human Resources department can attest that it takes copious amounts of time and effort to pick one person fit for any given job out of the crowd. It’s even harder to determine if he or she truly is the right one to interview.

The interviewing process itself requires more hard work — not only should the job applicant’s resume be read, checked, and cross-referenced again and again, but it must also be understood fully so that the interviewer can ask the right questions and steer the conversation into the correct tangents and overall direction.

With all of that said, it may sound as if transcripts have no place in this chaotic space of hiring an employee. However, this is far from the truth. Transcripts can and will help any HR person looking to address the dilemma of hiring the right person for the company.

Listed below are some of the most important ways in which having interview transcriptions would help an HR person.

1. It allows you to analyze your applicant’s behavior.

There is a lot that can be found and understood based on the words that someone uses when speaking to people. Having transcripts would allow you or your HR department folks to look at these words, and analyze them to find out their suitability not only with their would-be coworkers but also with the company’s unique culture.

2. It lets you streamline your interview process.

Having transcripts would allow you to review all of your own questions which will help you eliminate questions that seem redundant or yield more or less the same answers and replace them with questions that make more sense and are more beneficial to ask.

3. It is also beneficial for the job applicant.

The benefits of a job interview transcript are not only limited to you, the employer, for it can also benefit the prospective employee in several ways. Chief among these ways is the fact that you can give the employee advice – whether he gets accepted by the company or not – on how to improve his or her answers and how to present himself or herself better to prospective employers, thus increasing the chances of them being hired or noticed and promoted within the company. The job applicant will also be grateful and will work harder for your company, so it also works for the company’s benefit as well.

4. It lets you check for discrepancies in a job applicant’s resume.

There is a reason why many employers ask people to recite his or her skills and previous job experiences, and it has nothing to do with not being able to read his or her resume on time (although that does come into play once in a while). The reason is that employers want to check the job applicant’s answers to look for any deviations and differences between the answers they would give verbally and the answers listed in the resume. Having transcripts would greatly help the employer in checking the answers given by the job applicant, and even ascertain whether he or she is lying in the process.

The above mentioned points are, in a nutshell, the greatest and most important advantages of having a transcript of the whole interview process. It is important, however, to also consider what kind of transcript to use, whether transcripts done in smart verbatim or in pure verbatim. Transcripts in pure verbatim – that is, each and every utterance and sound made during the interview is included in the transcript – would be a much greater help than having only transcripts in smart verbatim, because it would be much easier to look at the stutters, inflections, grammar mistakes, and other such things that will better help you in analyzing a prospective hire’s answers.

Whatever kind of transcript to request for, it is also important that you choose the right transcription service that can give you accurate and fast transcriptions, for having even the slightest mistake in these transcripts would be disadvantageous for your company by letting you make the bad mistake of hiring someone who is not even fit for the position.

Therefore, choose the right transcription service so you can wisely choose the best job applicant for your business.

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