How to Transcribe Zoom Recordings in 5 Easy Steps

May 25, 2022

How to Transcribe Zoom Recordings in 5 Easy Steps

Since COVID-19 started, social distancing has been implemented and has caused lockdowns worldwide. This affected people’s relationships with each other, resulting in doing most things remotely: distance education, doctor consultations, business meetings and conferences, and other work and social interactions. Despite the global situation that the pandemic has caused, people still try to find ways to function normally. This gave rise to the use of cloud-based audio and video conferencing tools, which up to this day, are still being utilized. 

What is Zoom? 

One of the apps that stood out during the pandemic and has also become an indispensable go-to tool when conducting business meetings, market research, focus group discussions, and interviews online is Zoom. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing app or platform that allows its users to set up video and audio-conferencing meetings, webinars, live chats, and screen-sharing. Because of this, researchers and organizations can still conduct interviews and other interactions online and have their session recordings sent to general transcription companies to transcribe their Zoom call meetings. 

Transcribe Zoom Call Meetings with TranscriptionWing©

One of Zoom’s features that makes it great for remote interactions is its “Record the Meeting” function. This is good for people who want to use Zoom to record their meetings and interviews and have them transcribed. Since the use of online interaction tools became very prominent during the past two years, transcription companies such as TranscriptionWing have received numerous Zoom call transcription requests. The overall process of transcribing these recordings is very straightforward and only takes five easy steps.

  • Record the meeting in Zoom

Before starting the session, click on the “Record on This Computer” feature found on the “More” menu at the bottom right portion of the screen. After which, you may then proceed with your meeting.

  • End the meeting & save the recording

When the meeting has ended, click the “End Meeting” button on your screen. A recording of your session will be generated in .M4A, .MP4, and .Conf file formats. You may then choose where you want the files saved on your computer.

  • Log in to your TranscriptionWing account

Once you’re logged in, you may upload the files to your account and select your desired turnaround. TranscriptionWing offers flexible cost and delivery options depending on your urgency. You may choose:

  • RUSH Turnaround (4-hour delivery) for $3.99 per recorded minute
  • 9 AM Turnaround for $2.99 per recorded minute
  • Overnight Delivery or 1-Day Turnaround for $1.99 per recorded minute
  • Regular Delivery or 2-Day Turnaround for $1.49 per recorded minute
  • Economy Delivery or 5-Day Turnaround for $1.29 per recorded minute
  • Add your special instructions or supporting documents

Suppose you have any special instructions or requests to be included in your transcript order. In that case, you may indicate those on the Detailed Transcription Instructions section found just below the Upload Recordings menu. In that section, you may specify if you want timestamps on your transcripts or if you want the speakers identified (KnowWho). You may also choose if you want the recording transcribed in either Smart or Pure Verbatim formats.

  • Smart Verbatim – Transcribe every utterance from the audio except ‘uhms’ and ‘ahs’
  • Pure Verbatim – Transcribe everything, including ‘uhms,’ ‘ahs,’ and even stutters

You may also add your supporting documents to help the transcribers better understand your request if you have any available. If you happen to have any templates prepared where you want your recording transcribed, you may also upload them in this section. If you do not have any special requests or instructions, you may skip this part of the process. 

  • Click Upload and wait for the confirmation email

Once you are done uploading your recordings, you will receive a confirmation email from TranscriptionWing to confirm your request. And that’s it; you’re done. Just wait for the transcript to be delivered to your email, depending on your selected turnaround.

The Future of Zoom and Other Online Interaction Platforms

With the world slowly getting back on its feet, social interactions are less restricted, and things are starting to go back to normal. However, the impact that Zoom and other online conferencing platforms have made during one of the world’s most trying times will forever benefit us because they helped keep the world moving forward. These tools will always be considered vital in all remote social interactions from here on out.  

Got any Zoom call meetings or other recordings that need transcriptions? TranscriptionWing has got you covered. Order your transcripts now!

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