Why You Should Record Conference Calls for Taking Minutes of Meetings

November 13, 2019
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Why You Should Record Conference Calls for Taking Minutes of Meetings

Meeting minutes, to put it simply, are written records of a meeting that can serve as official documents of a company or an organization. Meeting minutes primarily consist of the highlights of the meeting, starting from the attendees to the agenda, to the decisions established by the team, the next steps to act upon, and more. Although it may seem simple and straightforward, creating meeting minutes is time-consuming, and takes precision, and utmost concentration. Traditionally, meeting minutes are created by professional note-takers who write or type in shorthand while the meeting goes on. These note-takers would then convert their notes into more detailed minutes. 

Fortunately, conference calling technology has enabled organizations to conveniently record and archive conference calls for documentation and distribution. Most conference call services offer Record and Replay features -- now executives and key stakeholders of a meeting can simply get on the phone and record their teleconference. With a recorded conference call, you can send it to people that could not attend to keep them in the loop or keep it as a reliable reference tool in case of any uncertainties. Best of all, a recording is undoubtedly easier to review than hurried notes so creating meeting minutes is easier than ever. 

So how can recording conference calls help you create better meeting minutes?

Attention is on the meeting - not notetaking.

Recording your conference call will give all the attendees leeway to pay full attention to the discussion. Since team members will not have to jot down notes for the minutes as the meeting progresses, their attention will be directed solely to the meeting. This will result in a more engaging and productive discussion, where every item on the agenda is tackled, every concern is brought forward, and every opinion and suggestion is voiced out. In return, your meeting minutes will be more thorough and will have more meaningful content.

The meeting minutes will have accurate details.

If the meeting was recorded, you will be able to gather more accurate details as you create the meeting minutes. You can also use it to recall certain parts that you feel you might have missed in the discussion. 

This is important in the meeting minutes since any discrepancy can affect the whole company. With a conference call recording, every suggestion, decision, concern, and update is crystal clear. 

Save time by getting help from a transcription service.

For a smoother approach, you can also opt for a reliable transcription service to help you. Instead of letting a team member write the minutes of the meeting, send your conference call recording to a transcription service that can provide well-written meeting minutes. 

TranscriptionWing’s InSummary meeting minutes service can help you get the most out of your recorded meetings. TranscriptionWing’s professional editors use the audio or video recordings of your conference calls to create notes that summarize your meeting content. We can also apply customizable templates, such as logos, fonts, or document formatting according to your preference. 

TranscriptionWing is an all-human transcription service, you can expect that your meeting minutes will be professionally-written and checked by our expertly trained transcriptionists and editors, with none of the errors that you would usually get with an automated (AI) transcription. 

Start recording your conference calls now and see the improvement in the creation of your meeting minutes!

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