TranscriptionWing™ Launches Meeting Minutes Service InSummary™

December 26, 2018

TranscriptionWing™ Launches Meeting Minutes Service InSummary™

Greenwich, CT. December 20, 2018

Civicom® transcribing service TranscriptionWing™ has launched InSummary™, a meeting summary solution designed to help clients digest recorded meetings and conference calls with transcribed meeting minutes.

In continuing its commitment to providing competitive audio transcription solutions, TranscriptionWing identified InSummary as an answer to a determined need of clients for a cost-efficient and more convenient meeting summary service. With the new InSummary service, clients can obtain greater value from their meetings and are better empowered to arrive at well-informed decisions from detailed and accurate meeting minutes.

TranscriptionWing’s new InSummary meeting minutes service enables executives to make well-informed key decisions from accurate, quality meeting summaries from their recorded conference calls or meeting sessions.

To use InSummary, clients simply request summaries of their meeting minutes by providing audio or video recordings of their conference calls or meeting sessions. Clients can then choose among a standard 3 to 4-page summary, a more concise 1 to 2-page executive summary, or provide their own custom specifications. Clients can also take advantage of flexible add-ons to their meeting summaries which can include using a custom format or template or requesting for a full transcript of the original meeting.

InSummary takes away the cumbersome and expensive task of hiring and scheduling a meeting notetaker. Pricing is competitive with industry standards and costs less than a live notetaker attending an event. Unlike an ordinary meeting summary service, clients can expect faster turnarounds from an all-human team of seasoned TranscriptionWing editors who are well-equipped to quickly identify key points made in a meeting or conference call recording and are thoroughly experienced in delivering accurate and quality meeting summaries.

About TranscriptionWing™
Originally established to provide transcriptions complementing Civicom’s conferencing services, TranscriptionWing continues to serve affordable and accurate general transcriptions to various industry sectors, including market research, technology, and finance, as well as legal, educational, and religious institutions. The general transcription service has continued to develop its processes and offerings over the years while strengthening its new and existing relationships and improving its services to meet different client demands.

TranscriptionWing™ specializes in general transcription services, providing accurate audio transcriptions at flexible turnaround options from four hours to five days at rates that are as low as $1.29 per recorded minute. TranscriptionWing operates in a culture of confidentiality that ensures project security and client information privacy.

While many services try, test, and struggle with the automation of speech-to-text conversion, TranscriptionWing continues to provide the indispensable human touch in the transcription process.
TranscriptionWing is a service of Civicom Inc., a reliable global leader in proprietary audio conferencing technology, online meeting software, web technology tools, and superior recording capabilities. For more information, call +1-203-413-2414 or visit

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