Last updated: June 3, 2021

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Meeting Notes Transcriptions

Meetings are a part of the normal day-to-day life in any workplace and a properly noted meeting can be an important tool to record an organization’s current status, its progress, and any future agenda that may help it move forward or expand. When done right, meeting minutes can increase organizational productivity – you can save time and money by preventing avoidable follow-up meetings that discuss the same things yet result in very little progress.

InSummary is a service of TranscriptionWing that is designed to help our clients with summaries of their meeting minutes. We can provide you with conference call or meeting summaries using the audio/video recordings from your sessions. Instead of receiving a full-blown verbatim transcript, we provide you instead with notes that summarize the meeting content. This is especially helpful when you want to refer to only the key meeting points without having to review a complete transcript.

Advantages of Using InSummary

Save time and money

You won’t have to go through the expense and hassle of booking, scheduling and paying for a live professional note-taker to attend your meetings.


Only our best transcribers and editors will be assigned to create your meeting minutes. These experienced professionals know how to identify key points in your recording and pull them out into the notes summary.

Faster Turn-Around

With InSummary™, expect your delivery time to be 50% less than what an in-person note taker typically asks for in scheduling your notes delivery. We work with you to agree on the delivery time that meets your needs.

Custom Formatting

Take advantage of our meeting summaries service with our customizable meeting minutes templates or provide a template of your own. This includes any color, logos, type fonts, or other customizable features that are part of your brand. Or let us pick a format for you.

Add On A Transcript Bundle

For a minimal price, we can also provide you with a transcript of the original meeting, along with your meeting minutes. This allows you to quickly review and see if there are additional notes you would like to add to the meeting summary.

Easy Upload

Take full control of your TranscriptionWing account! Upload your files directly and indicate any customization instructions on the platform. You also have access to our professional editor account managers who can help walk you through your account or answer any questions you may have.