Adapting to Evolving Data Security Concerns and Its Impact to Investor Relations

September 24, 2020

Adapting to Evolving Data Security Concerns and Its Impact to Investor Relations


Leading secure transcriptions provider Civicom® TranscriptionWing™ is hosting a webinar on adapting to rising data security demands and their potential impact on investor relations. The webinar will be held on September 29th at 1PM ET.

Businesses worldwide are experiencing unprecedented levels of change in the tools they communicate, resulting in a certain degree of uneasiness among shareholders and investors. Data security has now become a business issue, and not just a technology issue. 

As the need heightens for increased security in quality investor relations reporting, so does the necessity for tools and services that can be used by IR professionals to enable them to effectively disclose data securely to both shareholders or investors. With the demands of this environment professionals face another challenge –an increasing dependency on cloud and collaboration platforms or digital services that can entail more vulnerabilities in security. 

As a leading provider of secure transcriptions since 2005, TranscriptionWing will share its expertise on how to adapt to evolving data security demands and how to engage with service partners to ensure that data is safeguarded without compromising quality or security. Over the years, TranscriptionWing has handled thousands of investor and earnings call transcriptions as a direct provider for recordings generated through our own conferencing platforms as well as white labeled for other earnings calls organizations. The TranscriptionWing focus has always been on providing the highest level of quality and service available.

TranscriptionWing has successfully thrived as a trusted transcriptions provider by practicing a strict culture of security. Security standards are kept up-to-date through continuous, vigilant review and audit of internal processes and controls, with the aid of external consultants and specialized staff dedicated to safeguarding data.

In 2019, TranscriptionWing was confirmed compliant by an external auditor with the federally mandated standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and continues to be GDPR compliant. TranscriptionWing was approved by the EU-US Privacy Shield and remains compliant with all protocols while awaiting the final determination on future requirements. All transcriptionists, proofers, and editors are background checked.

Investor relations professionals are encouraged to attend the webinar entitled “Be Prepared: How Evolving Data Security Protocols Impact Your Role” to gain insight on data security measures they can undertake as they adapt more advanced technology; to develop their knowledge of cyber risks and how they relate to information exposure, and to understand the vulnerabilities in service providers that can compromise security.

The webinar will be presented by Jennifer Morehead, Managing Security & Compliance Officer of Civicom, Inc., and Rebecca West, Global President of the Civicom Research Services Group on Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK.

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