voice to text clean up
Real humans transcribe our files, which means we can clean up your V2T files!

Do you use a speech-to-text software to transcribe your audio that doesn’t deliver the quality you need? We take machine-generated transcripts and clean them up for you!

Whether you have a one off project or a constant stream of clips you need proofed,
we can do the work for you!

Technology has become more advanced over the years and the transcription industry is now inundated with online fast, cheap, and not always accurate, voice-to-text services. It seems that the human touch in transcription work is slowly fading away…not so fast! TranscriptionWing understands that the accuracy of your transcripts is critical to you and your project, but the need to balance that with the budget feels like a never-ending struggle.

If our $1.29/recorded minute doesn’t work for you, oftentimes, cheap speech-to-text services produce low accuracy transcripts and you always end up missing key content; filler words are often transcribed and these too are simply irrelevant text. Mishears are common in voice-to-text transcription and so getting a complete account of the content will be impossible; and almost all voice recognition programs are incapable of understanding accented speakers. Send us your files for an average of $0.50 per audio minute, we can proof the file for you and send you a complete, accurate transcript.

Our human touch process at TranscriptionWing includes an in-house team of experienced audio and video transcription editors who will assure the highest accuracy of your transcripts with your desired turnaround time. We’ll even Audio Link the file for you!

If you have a one-time project or an ongoing, steady-stream of audio files and transcripts that need a quick cleanup, reach out to us for a personalized quote! You can call us at 888-223-9488, email us at transcripts@civi.com Or chat with us here. We are here to help!

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