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Video Captioning

Video CaptioningWhether you’re an educational institution wanting to provide deaf-friendly materials to your hard-of-hearing and deaf students; a production studio that needs to caption videos; an independent film maker who needs subtitles on films and documentaries; or a church that simply wants to place videos of sermons online, we have a video captioning service for you!

Unlike other video captioning service providers that are 100% computer-based, ours is a hybrid of machine and manual labor. This is to ensure that we produce only the highest quality of video captions.

Our video captions undergo a 3-stage proofing process which ensures the video caption’s time-synchronization to the video and the transcript’s accuracy.

Get the confidence of having captions that are production-ready and try our video captioning service today!


What are video captions?

Video captions are text representation of an audio in video. These texts are time-synchronized so that the audience can read it while watching the video.

What is the objective of video captions?

Video caption enables the message of a video to be understood by a larger audience, including the deaf, the hard-of-hearing viewers, or those who speak other languages.

Video caption does not only convey the spoken content of the video, but also any sound that’s not visually apparent but is integral to the video’s plot.

Video Captions vs. Transcripts

Transcripts are not synchronized with the video. Video captions, on the other hand, are time-coded so that it can be read while watching the video.

Transcripts are sufficient for audio-only content, but video captions are required when there’s a video component.

Video Captions vs. Subtitles

Video caption assumes that the viewer can understand the language used in the video, while subtitles assume that the viewer cannot understand the language.

Video captions are meant to make the audio deaf-friendly since the viewer can read the audio content of the video while watching. On the other hand, subtitles are for translation of the content into a language that the viewer can understand.

To get an instant quote on a video captioning project, simply call us at 888-223-9488 or email us at email! Remember that video captioning presents significant benefits to your audience and may help each viewer to effectively understand your message. So whether your video has 5 multiples speakers with different accents or muffled speakers that are hard to decipher, our video captioning team will surely be happy to take care of your request. We can deliver your transcript with captions in 2 days in a guaranteed ready-for-production quality!

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