TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with Unintelligibles

October 21, 2020

TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with Unintelligibles

Imagine a perfect transcript, one with timestamps and participant labels… but an inaccurate, unintelligible word ruins it. ListenLink is here to the rescue! 

ListenLink is an incredible feature of TranscriptionWing which helps you distinguish indistinct words or unintelligible parts that occasionally occur within your transcriptions. This includes crosstalks, inaudible words, and other speech or parts that are incomprehensible to our transcribers. If left uncorrected, Unintelligibles might compromise your transcription and disrupt your work, research, or project. You need the help you can get and by utilizing ListenLink, you have the power to correct or cross-reference your data as you go over your transcript. 

ListenLinks appear as embedded hyperlinks in your transcripts. Clicking them takes you directly to the specific part of the audio so you can review the unintelligible or try to distinguish the inaudible.

Click the ListenLink below to try it for yourself:

image to click for sample listenlink with unintelligible

Some of the most common Unintelligibles result from Bad Audio, Biotech Terms, Drug Names, Homonyms, Locations, and Proper Names. TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink combats these Unintelligibles in every transcription.

Bad Audio

The Battle with Bad Audio

Bad audio can always happen unexpectedly with recordings. Unfortunately, that also means it can hinder transcribers from transcribing words or phrases accurately. Some bad audio might be salvageable through manual recording improvements. However, if it’s a particularly challenging recording you might end up with a word that just sounds like the right word or even a different word altogether. Without any context or background that can guide the transcriptionist to make an educated guess, bad audio can ruin your chances of receiving a perfectly transcribed document. 

Biotech Terms

The Battle with Biotech Terms

Transcribing for biotechnology can be quite daunting. It can be difficult for the untrained ear to decipher and transcribe highly technical biotech jargon. It requires an expert transcriber with experience in pharma or medical transcriptions, or at least, excellent research skills. Otherwise, you risk compromising your very important transcription for your scientific research.

Drug Names

The Battle with Drug Names 

Similar to biotech terms, names of drugs and other pharmaceutical substances can lead to an unintelligible in your transcription. Pharmaceutical terms can be hard to comprehend by non-healthcare professionals, especially if it’s only in an audio recording with no supporting documents. Drug names as Unintelligibles are tricky to catch and can lead to disasters that could potentially ruin not only your transcript but your work as well. 


The Battle with Homonyms

Homonyms, specifically homophones, are some of the most common sources of errors and discrepancies in transcriptions. Words that sound the same but have different meanings are frequent mishears in transcriptions. These pesky little things can only be avoided by carefully listening to the topic of the audio recording and getting proper context. 

Automated or machine-generated transcripts often make homonym mistakes, but with a human transcriber’s understanding of the recording, and some double-checking with ListenLink, misheard homonyms are things of the past.

The Battle with Locations

Locations and addresses can also bring trouble to your paradise. Names of places are not as simple as they are, especially if they are of foreign origin, difficult to pronounce, or have tricky spellings. These hard to decipher locations can lead to unintelligibles. Instead of your transcript painting a clear picture of the location, it might result in naming an obscure place no one knows.

Proper Names

The Battle with Proper Names

Proper names in audio recordings can also be difficult to catch accurately in transcripts. Unique or uncommon names especially may be a little more difficult to decipher. Fortunately, even if a proper name still seems incomprehensible, ListenLink is here to lend a helping hand. 

For Unintelligibles in your particularly challenging transcriptions, ListenLink is here to save the day. Best of all is that it’s absolutely free and you don’t need to install any program to start using it.

Order your next transcript now to see how TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink can champion your battle with Unintelligibles!

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