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Last updated: April 27, 2021

Port Chester, New York (PRWEB) February 06, 2015

TranscriptionWing, a New York-based transcription company which provides general transcription services in US, Canada and Europe received an 8.7 score out of the perfect score of 10 from its clients on January 30, 2015, Friday.

TranscriptionWing partnered with TrustPilot, a credible online review platform based in Denmark. TrustPilot has a partnership with Google.

Importance of Customer Ratings and Reviews

According to a Nielsen study (Nielsen Global Trust in Marketing Survey 2012), 70% (global average) of its respondents trust consumer opinions posted online – making online reviews second to the most trusted form of advertising; word of mouth or people’s recommendations still leads as the number one form of advertising.

Aside from building a good reputation, customer reviews help companies determine what’s important to their customers. According to The Calgary Beacon article, 9 Great Reasons to Conduct Customer Surveys, “Without customer feedback, a company could not possibly meet the product needs of the consumer”.

Consumer star ratings do affect the company’s bottom line. Research conducted by Michael Luca, Assistance Professor of Harvard Business School, revealed that each rating star added on a review translated to anywhere to 5 to 9% effect on the company’s revenues.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

66.7% of TranscriptionWing clients gave them “5 Stars”, while 29.2% gave them “4 Stars” wherein “5 Stars” means very satisfied, and “1 Star” means very dissatisfied. These reviews came from 30 certified TranscriptionWing clients from different industries such as market research, education, and media.

According to TrustPilot-reviews, TranscriptionWing is well-known for providing accurate transcripts, with fast turnaround time for a very affordable price to its clients. TranscriptionWing is also popular in providing excellent customer service to their clients, based on customer feedback.

“Accurate, complete service, with excellent customer focus – TranscriptionWing has done an excellent job recording and transcribing my meetings. They are very easy and pleasant to work with, prices are good, and the quality of the transcripts is excellent” said by Michelle Lynn-Sachs of B’nai Mitzvah Revolution – a client of TransciptionWing.

To view the detailed customer reviews and star ratings of TranscriptionWing in TrustPilot, click here.

Future Plans

TransriptionWing is currently working on upgrading their website features due to customer demands based on the written reviews on TrustPilot.

About TranscriptionWing

TranscriptionWing is a service of Civicom, a New York–based conferencing provider which was founded in 2000. TranscriptionWing is also part of the “Buy Forward” companies – companies that are dedicated to giving a significant portion (5+%) of their profits to worthy causes.