TranscriptionWing: Transcribing Services
When it comes to audio to text transcriptions, TranscriptionWing is dedicated to cover all bases supporting virtually any industry or niche market.

Academic ResearchLet TranscriptionWing unburden your academic research from menial, time-pressing tasks. Convert recordings of lectures, seminars, or speeches into a written document. Working on a dissertation? Having interviews transcribed allow researchers to efficiently analyze data. Written information can be more quickly referred back to and easily digested.

audio-transcriptionTranscriptionWing specializes in capturing words from audio recordings to quality text transcription. Have your recordings transcribed with just a few quick clicks and direct our audio transcription specialists with your preferred text format either in pure or clean verbatim.

Conference Call TranscriptionsKeep track of important business calls and never miss crucial information. Missed an important discussion? Requesting transcripts of conference calls enable key roles in the organization to have flexible access to information discussed in an important call that they might have missed.

Focus Group TranscriptionsDiscover valuable insights without having to scramble in between moderating a discussion and taking notes. Facilitating various interviews and focus groups? Availing of verbatim transcripts allow project managers to capture comments and nuances, ensuring no valuable insight is lost.

Interview TranscriptionsSave time on transcribing long interviews and be able to focus on more pressing matters. Generating reports? Let TranscriptionWing assist you in significantly increasing your efficiency on discovering and producing important action items from key insights by providing you interview transcripts.

Podcast TranscriptionsDeliver information in a more accessible way. Supplement transcriptions to your podcasts to allow on-the-go subscribers better understand and navigate the spoken information. Podcast information when put down in words becomes much easier to share within a matter of seconds.

Seminar TranscriptionsShare invaluable expertise and rediscover learnings without the burden of taking extensive notes. We understand the value in obtaining accurate seminar transcriptions on time. TranscriptionWing can deliver a written document of the seminar within a matter of hours!

Video CaptioningDistribute information in a readable format. Publishing videos for broadcast? TranscriptionWing can help your visual content grow a broader reach. Supplement your videos with captions to help convey a clearer message to a wider audience.

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