TranscriptionWing complies with U.S. State privacy law requirements for transcription services.


California (CCPA) Privacy Compliant Transcriptions

TranscriptionWing™ follows established policies and practices in line with the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield, so we are well prepared to work with clients to fulfill obligations relating to the rights of California-resident consumers over their data.


Nevada Privacy Compliant Transcriptions

Transparency about how personal information is used and protected is central to the information security policies we maintain. TranscriptionWing™ will never sell your personal information for any reason, and may only incidentally receive your information for the purpose of delivering our services. We offer a number of data anonymization tools that will limit this and further protect your privacy.


Federal, State and International Regulations

As a global provider of transcription services, we follow all federal and state laws in the US and international laws as required. Please contact us for specifics on any regulations that apply specifically to your situation, in order that we may confirm our support of your requirements.