Last updated: August 18, 2020

Retention Policy

Effective August 18 2020

In line with contemporary security policies and regulations regarding data protection, TranscriptionWing™ has modified its file retention policy in order to provide customers with increased focus on the importance of deleting files once completed transcriptions have been received.

Upon delivery of transcripts, customers will be presented with a reminder to download their transcripts and then to delete the files from their TranscriptionWing™ account. Customers also will be reminded to delete any files that have been stored in their TranscriptionWing™ account for more than 60 days.

Customers with files that have been historically maintained for a longer period of time on our servers will be notified to review these files, download the files they wish to retain, and to then within 60 days delete those files that have been stored in TranscriptionWing. Files will no longer be archived.

Any files that are not deleted by a TranscriptionWing™ customer will be held in their account. Customers who wish to retain flies in the TranscriptionWing™ system and not delete their files may do so, but at their own risk regarding retention. TranscriptionWing™ reserves the right to at any time modify the retention period for retaining files.

From January 1 2021, TranscriptionWing™reserves the right to charge customers, if it determines, at its sole discretion, that this is appropriate according to customer account capacity needs for recording & transcription storage beyond the policy 60-day allowance period.

Having agreed to the terms of service by virtue of using the services, and/or by choosing to retain files within a TranscriptionManager online account, customers must elect to agree that they are solely responsible for both the files retained in, or permanently deleted from, their TranscriptionWing™ account(s) by themselves or any other person accessing the files using their account, and in doing so, the customer releases TranscriptionWing™ from any liability for retention period and data protection requirements imposed by any data privacy laws, and any other data protection requirements otherwise imposed.

Customers who elect to not delete files within the 60-day allowance period agree that TranscriptionWing™ and its parent Civicom, Inc. shall not be held liable for any third-party claims for storage of files in breach of customer obligations to their own clients, or any third-party intellectual property rights. In line with the Terms of Service, customers warrant that they have the appropriate permissions to store files in our system and TranscriptionWing™ reserves all rights set out therein.

This retention policy also extends, as applicable, to files for transcription that are uploaded by a customer to third-party platforms, such as DropBox.

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