How Can I Improve My Online Presence with Transcriptions?

October 12, 2018

How Can I Improve My Online Presence with Transcriptions?

In any normal day that we browse the internet, we can be considered as a prospect in the market. A simple click or view results in more advertisements pitching why their product or service is the best, or the cheapest. Everywhere you take action online, you are a potential customer. This is precisely why online presence is powerful and important in today’s world. Simply put, to get a constant traffic of customers requires a strong and relevant online presence. However, while the internet is still pretty much a free market, it can be challenging to become the first thing your customers see when they search for something they need.

There are many ways to improve your online presence. Guides on how to start your online business require three basic things: a website, content, and SEO or search-engine optimization. Likewise, Fortune 500 companies strive to improve the three same things because online marketing has its perks: It’s convenient, has higher market potential and cost-effective. You can market your products globally with a website on your own terms, and it certainly won’t cost you an arm and a leg compared to the maintenance of physical marketing. It reaches a wider audience, increasing your prospects and network, and you simply have to maintain and optimize your website so the prospects and customers can search for your product or service when they need it.

The main problem now is this: How do you let your customers know that you are out there? How can your website get more visibility when your prospective customers type your service or product in the search bar?

The answer is content and search-engine optimization. Content is the primary means for search-engines like Google to bridge your website to customer intent. This is why keywords and articles are important. According to Wordtracker, a marketing website that specializes on the usage of keywords for search engines, “Keywords are most important when it comes to determining relevance - the connection between the search terms and the results. Unless a page is relevant to the search term it won't rank at all. Making a page more relevant can increase rankings and is often where you'll find some of the best quick wins for gains in rankings.”

In other words, text-rich content such as transcripts are key to generating online traffic and visibility.

Website content is often data obtained from market studies and transcripts. Improving your market online means getting valuable customer feedback and business insights and from experts, synthesizing them to a report to aid in creation of advertisements or marketing materials. Usually these are in the form of research transcripts that are collected and reviewed to become future content, making these a great source of marketing content that doubles as your pitch to your potential customer, aside from moving you up in ranking on search engine results.

Furthermore, the importance of text-rich content for greater online visibility is also proven by a study of disparity conducted by RankRanger, with an expertise in digital marketing. In their conclusion on search-engine results for videos and relevance of search on desktop Google, “At risk of stating the obvious, there is not a strong correlation between appearing in the top 6 cards of Google's desktop video carousel and performing well inside of YouTube itself.  [We] would describe the correlation as ‘inconsistent’ at best.” Simply put, a media content such as an audio or a video file does not guarantee an increase of relevance on Google’s algorithm due to the technological infancy of linking audio/video files to content and visibility, but putting keywords, subtitles or descriptions would.

Blogs and articles are also a great way in improving your online presence. By mentioning your brand name, keywords that describe your product or service, and posting these in regularly will also make the search-engine algorithm recognize your activity. Multiple blogs or write-ups greatly improve online visibility, as well as news and updates as they contain important content relevant to your business or niche. This is why most business websites have blogs, updates, and key insights written in text to not only promote why their business is competitive, but because it’s also a practical way of generating online visibility.

Creating content is not an easy task. For start-up online businesses, organically growing your online visibility takes a great deal of time and patience. Of course, successful online marketing in general, is synonymous in tacking a lot of different pain points, but one thing’s for sure – getting help from a general transcription service can help you make your mark on the digital roadmap through transcripts. To help you get started, you can read our post on how to choose the best transcription service.

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