Last updated: February 10, 2020

GDPR & HIPAA Compliant
and Medical Transcriptions


The protection and security of data is a very integral part of the processing of data, and we here at TranscriptionWing™ knows that. As such, we have implemented data protection policies and procedures to ensure that your data remains that: truly yours. The following data protection policies and procedures followed by the company meet HIPAA and other similar data security guidelines, and guarantee that we are able to deliver to you secure and confidential transcription services:

Individual Workstation, Username, Passwords

Each employee is provided with his or her own workstation. This workstation is intended to be used only by his or her, or, if needed to be used by another employee for work purposes, only with his or her express permission. To ensure this, each employee is provided his or her own username and passwords. Additionally, all workstations are secured by BitLocker, a Windows feature which encrypts disk drives. A pre-boot PIN or password separate from the employee’s Windows login credential is thus needed in order to access a workstation.

Proprietary Transcription Manager

TranscriptionWing™ uses a proprietary transcription manager which includes several features designed to provide further protection for clients' files. For one, transcripts and audio files stored in our transcription manager can only be accessed by transcriptionists to whom they are assigned. Additionally, all transcripts and audio files disappear from our transcription manager once the project has been finished and sent to the client, and no one can access client files without proper security clearance. Transcripts and files are securely deleted to ensure there is no possibility of recovery.

Paperless Workplace

Civicom, and by extension TranscriptionWing™, is pushing for a paper-free work environment in its many offices. One of the many benefits that this provides is the easier securing of sensitive information, as data stored in physical media (binders, folders, sheets of paper and the like) are now stored in a secure server and are thus protected from easy intrusion.

Secured Transcriber Devices

Files for transcription which contain sensitive information are given only to TranscriptionWing™ transcribers who are in possession of a Civicom-owned laptop. These laptops are secured in the same way TranscriptionWing™ office workstations are, and are continually monitored by Civicom to ensure these security measures are not tampered with or manipulated in any way detrimental to security.

Oath of Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreements

All employees are required to recite an oath of confidentiality quarterly to remind each and every one of their roles and responsibilities to ensure that data is not carelessly disclosed. A non-disclosure agreement is also signed at the start of their employment. Failure to comply with any of these two measures will lead to legal action taken against the violator.

Employee Trainings on Security Guidelines

Training tackling data security policies and procedures are periodically given to all employees. Refresher courses, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files made available, and the like ensure that these procedures remain fresh in every employee's mind.

Company Compliance Officer

The company has a dedicated security compliance officer, who is forever on guard to catch offenders or would-be offenders of the company's data security policies and procedures.

Office Security Features

Biometrics, card swipes, and security doors prevent unauthorized access to the transcription room. Only TranscriptionWing™ personnel in possession of proper credentials are allowed inside the transcription room.

TranscriptionWing’s commitment to delivering confidential transcription services does not end at the above-mentioned data security measures, for the company also conducts annual audit of its security measures.

This auditing is done by a certified HIPAA compliance officer unaffiliated with the company, which thus ensures that the audit is done as unbiased and as impartial as possible, and that the data gathered is comprehensive and all-encompassing. All findings of this external audit are taken note of, and improvements to security measures implemented wherever needed. Fresh rounds of training are then done to make employees familiar with whatever has been changed. In this way, TranscriptionWing™ ensures that its data protection and security guidelines are as up-to-date and relevant as can be.

All of these data protection and security measures make TranscriptionWing™ ready to deliver confidential transcription service for your ease of mind.