Last updated: June 17, 2022

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I use TranscriptionWing frequently, and would recommend this service to anyone who needs an audio recording, short or long, transcribed quickly. The quality of service is excellent, as is the quality of the transcribed documents.

John"Excellent, timely service!"

I have tried many other companies, and have had to spend as much time correcting their errors as it would have taken me to transcribe the recording myself. TranscriptionWing is prompt, reliable, accurate, and really goes the extra mile to deliver a fantastic finished transcript.

D. Boyar"Superb, flawless, dedicated perfectionists"

I've worked with TranscriptionWing for a few years now, and I'm always very pleased with their service. Always on time, excellent value. My interviews tend to contain a lot of technical jargon and I can tell the person who is typing actually looks things up to get the spelling right. Impressive!

Donna"Excellent Value"

I've been working with TranscriptionWing for the past 6-8 months, and the experience has been great. They can handle any job I send along, and really help me to be more productive in my job by delivering transcripts in a speedy manner. Their service is friendly and helpful, and extremely prompt.

Tarryn"Consistent and reliable"

I am using TranscriptionWing's services to have my qualitative PhD dissertation interviews transcribed, and they have been a massive help in this process. They offer very good rates according to how fast the turnaround time is. Their next day, 1 day, and 2 days options have been instrumental in this process so that I can quickly code the data before I interview the next person. Methodologically and practically, this is the ideal situation. A few typos here and there, but this is infrequent and very minimal. Transcripts are ALWAYS delivered on time. FYI for researchers, if your IRB needs a confidentiality agreement from them, TranscriptionWing easily provided me with one. Definitely recommend.

A. B."Fast and Dependable"

Our business involves doing lots of customer and client interviews. We depend on TranscriptionWing to deliver us accurate transcripts of our conversations. This information must be delivered with a high degree of accuracy--and that's not always easy when you're talking in the acronyms that litter today's technology. TranscriptionWing comes through for us--always on time (sometimes even early!) and at a fair price.

P. Meade"Excellent, dependable assistance for our business"

TranscriptionWing has done an excellent job recording and transcribing my meetings. They are very easy and pleasant to work with, prices are good, and the quality of the transcripts is excellent.

Michelle"Accurate, complete service, with excellent customer focus"

TranscriptionWing does an excellent job for us! We receive our transcipts in a very timely and accurate manner. We would definitely recommend them because of their great service and efficiency.

A. Vars"TranscriptionWing does an excellent job for us!"

We use TranscriptionWing on a regular basis for transcripts and they have always delivered within the selected turnaround time. I am impressed how accurate the transcripts are, especially ones with lots of technical jargon. They go above and beyond with transcription and we would highly recommend them.

Emily"Reliable, accurate transcripts"

I've been using Transciption wing for a number of years. I used to have to jump though hoops to get local suppliers to get my work done on time. Now I only have to upload my audio and wait a few days or even hours to get my transcripts done. The work is thorough! I've passed the link on to other colleagues because this is such a bit time saver which in the end means saving $$$.

C. Melanso"Top Marks!"

Transcription Wing has provided us with high quality transcription at a great price for many years. They respond to customer queries immediately and always maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times.

Mary"High Quality Transcripts with Outstanding Customer Service"

Quick turnaround time and supportive, gracious staff make for a happy customer. Thank you so much for your help, TranscriptionWing!

Victoria"Consistently reliable and helpful, with a positive attitude to match"

Easy service to use. Met my research needs.

E. Chuang"Prompt, professional transcription and translation"

Easy process and quick turnaround time. Overall good value.

D. Brekken"Efficient service"

I needed transcription performed for my doctoral dissertation, and I am happy that I chose TranscriptionWing. The customer service is terrific; they responded to emails quickly and were super helpful in getting my account set up. The prices are also extremely reasonable, and numerous options are available for how the transcription is done and by when. The economy option is only $1.29 per minute of audio. This price is substantially better than most other transcription services that I know about. Finally, transcripts are returned quickly—sometimes within a day or two (even when economy pricing is chosen). The accuracy of the transcription is not 100%, but it's still very good. In short, when it comes to service, pricing, timeliness, and overall quality, TranscriptionWing is topnotch. I am completely satisfied and will continue to choose them. Highly recommended!

Phillip M."Excellent! Great customer serivce, affordable prices, and quick and satisfactory transcription"

I've been a Civicom customer since September 2011. As an advertising professional for a global agency, we work FAST. Civicom provides fast and reliable transcription services.

Here are 3 Reasons to Use Civicom today:
1. Prompt Service (often ahead of schedule)

2. Detail Oriented - If you send a duplicate, corrupt or blank file, they will contact you. You won't be charged extra for this service.

3. Customer focused service- Do you have a last minute request? Will you be sending the audio file on Saturday and need it first thing Monday morning? Civicom will deliver. Just call them in advance.

L. Marie"3 Reasons to Use Civicom"

I've used Transcription Wing for many years now. Always on time, great service.

Donna"Great Service"

Fast service, accurate and easy to work with! Couldn't ask for better!

Jodie"Great Service!"

I have submitted nearly 40 one hour telephone interviews to Transcription Wing over the last month or so. I opted for the 5 day service (it is the most economical). The price is better than any other service out there, and the turnaround is always faster than expected.
I receive my transcripts by e-mail as well as in my account, and all the details are clear and accounted for.
The billing has been accurate and hassle free.
The transcripts are clean, professional, and accurate. They look very nice, which is important when sharing back with my participants. They load in to NVivo with no trouble.
Transcription Wing has cut my project time in half.

Alyssa"Transcription Wing is great!"

Transcription wing does a GREAT job at transcripts.
they take the time to look up the correct spellings for odd things mentioned by my research participants, and they work hard to produce accurate transcripts even when the audio recordings aren't ideal.

I love that they offer flexible transcription turnaround times. Sometimes I need my transcripts in 24 hours and sometimes I don't need them for a week -- great to be able to enjoy a discount for normal turnaround so I can "splurge" on fast turnaround when I need it. very highly recommended!

J. Francis"great transcripts with flexible turnaround times!"

We've used TranscriptionWing for a couple of years, and they've always done an excellent job of transcribing our interviews for MT magazine. We sometimes have speakers with foreign accents on the interviews, and they handle these very well with minimum errors. Really good to work with this company and we'll continue giving them our transcription work.

Doug"Excellent Experience"

I was lied on by Lake County Florida Sheriffs Deputies on the stand. The Judge on the stand upheld the deputies. I filed an appeal asking for my "Notes of Testimony" during my trial. The trial judge denied my request stating that there were no Notes of Testimony. I contacted my attorney who went with me for my Evidentiary hearing and he had the trial cd. Transcription Wing extracted the disc to paper. I then filed with the 5DCA against the trial judge who stated on record that there were no Notes of Testimony. Now he, the state of Florida prosecutor and the Lake County Sheriffs Office has to answer to the 5DCA...!

L. Burno"Great certified documentation for the Florida Courts"

I was in a crunch to get a transcription done quickly and Transcription came through for us, accurately, quickly and with great prices. Would definitely use again.

Sady"Transcription Wing did a Fantastic Job"

I have used Transcription Wing multiple times and have been very pleased. Their prices are fair and they have always hit the turnarounds I asked of them. In addition, I have called TW on two occasions and customer service was both friendly and helpful.

John"Dependant and consistant transcription service."

Working with TranscriptionWing is easy, quick and reliable. If you ever need anything, made a mistake, have a questions - you just email and they respond quickly. Always on time or ahead of time promised. I trust all my transcription work with them and never doubt they will do what needs to be done to go above and beyond!


I had a quick job, and TranscriptionWing came recommended.

They did not disappoint!

They did what I asked, they way I wanted, when I wanted, at a fair price!

Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Gary"Did what I asked, they way I wanted, when I wanted, at a fair price!"

The transcripts were efficient and effective during my appeal!

L. Burno"Great legalists here....!"

I had a problem with an upload and I got a call right away addressing the issue.

Tiffany"Resolved issues right away."

I would use this service again, pleased with over all results.

C. Bennett Jr."Professionally done, minor mistakes made"

Working with you guys has been great!


A very easy company to work with, gets transcriptions done efficiently and quickly.

Tiffany"Great work and timely"

Very satisfied. The audio was transcribed accurately and within a reasonable time frame. Competitive pricing.

N. Komlijenovic"Fast and accurate"

Great service. Honest. Fast. Helpful. All you can ask from a business.

M. Tucker"The only transcription service for me"

Simple. Fast. Accurate. Affordable.

Lauren N"Gets the Job Done"

They offer a variety of options, deliver on time, and you can't beat the rates.

Eugene"great service, great rates"

I am very happy with the quality and attention to details they give to there work. They care about your needs and strive for total sanctification.

Wayne"Transcription Wing cares about their customers."

I have no issues which is why we're continuing to work with you.

Sue"TranscriptionWing has never dissapointed."

Working with you guys has been great!


I had a couple highly detailed and complex PDF contracts that needed to be put into Word for updating. No one could find the original Word docs and these were ~5 pages each and would have been hours of work for me or another team member to transcribe.

I explained my needs to Transcription Wing and they provided me, within a day, a perfect Word version of the PDF. I was then able to modify the Word version to what the client needed, sent to my Legal for approval, then to the client to assist in closing $500K in business.

Huge win and recommended it to several colleagues.

TomA"Excellnt work - recommended to others internally"

My company has been using ConferTel for recorded calls and TranscriptionWing for transcripts for years. Their system is very easy to use and we’ve never had any issues with the audio quality of the calls. We record all our calls and have a majority of them transcribed by TranscriptionWing. The transcript service is very easy to use and their prices are super reasonable and they offer a very quick turnaround. We will continue to use ConferTel for our audio conference call and TranscriptionWing for our transcription needs.

J. Gold“Easy to use and their prices are super reasonable”