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Unburden your academic research from menial, time-pressing tasks.

Academic Research Transcriptions

Academic Research

At TranscriptionWing we understand that the academic community is pressed enough for time without the extra burden of having to jot down notes and type out recordings.  Whether you are a scholar, research assistant, professor, or student, every minute of your time becomes valuable when working under tight deadlines. Transcribing an audio recording from yesterday’s seminar or interview can be time consuming, and is especially frustrating when you would much rather start writing the report or studying immediately. With our help, you can conveniently save time to focus on the more urgent things at hand.

We can help you convert lectures, seminars, or speeches into a written document. Working on a dissertation? Transcribed interviews allow researchers to efficiently analyze data. Written information can be more quickly referred back to and easily digested.

For interviews with research purposes, our strong expertise in research methodology will help reduce any kind of error that may jeopardize the validity of your research. We pride ourselves on the affordability and punctuality of our services. Our price model is one of the most flexible in the industry and our turnaround times fit any deadline.

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