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Why is Legal Transcription Important?

Former United States politician Barbara Mikulski once opined that, “Courtrooms across the country are our protection against redlining and discrimination.” Was she right? Well, we can never be sure, but one thing is clear: that is certainly a high opinion to have of courtrooms as compared to what was once…
Ian Bazarte
December 19, 2018

Should I Choose Automated Transcription or Human Transcription?

While not always a requirement, transcriptions can be pretty valuable - it aids researchers, students, professionals, and practically everyone for their projects, dissertations, studies - among many other purposes. Because of this demand, several companies offer transcription work and started building their transcription empire. This has led to their rise…
Axel Bancairen
October 26, 2018

What Difference Can Subtitles Make to Your Videos?

What are video subtitles? Perhaps you have found yourself whispering “What did she say?” over a movie’s loud background score, drowning both the character’s dialogues and your sense of comprehension for the film. Or maybe you have been in a torturous moment where you could not make out the foreign…
Alexandra Galoso
October 4, 2018