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How To Properly Record Focus Groups for Transcriptions

Market research transcriptions are essential to any qualitative research project. You need spotless, or at least workable, audio recordings for whatever general transcription services you’re using for high-quality transcripts. While it’s tricky to record multiple respondent discussions, it is absolutely doable. Here are some easy tips on how to properly…
October 8, 2021
TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with UnintelligiblesTranscribing ServicesTranscriptionTranscriptionWing

TranscriptionWing’s ListenLink™ and the Battle with Unintelligibles

Imagine a perfect transcript, one with timestamps and participant labels… but an inaccurate, unintelligible word ruins it. ListenLink is here to the rescue!  ListenLink™ is an incredible feature of TranscriptionWing which helps you distinguish indistinct words or unintelligible parts that occasionally occur within your transcriptions. This includes crosstalks, inaudible words,…
Alexandra Benecio
October 21, 2020