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TranscriptionWing Offers Clean-Up Editing Service for Sonix Machine Transcript Customers

Greenwich, CT, September 12, 2018. New York-based general transcription service TranscriptionWing™ is now one of the approved vendors offering transcription clean-up solutions to customers of Sonix, a fully-automated transcription service. TranscriptionWing was vetted as "Gold Level" by Sonix for “high quality, excellent service, and fast response time.” TranscriptionWing™ was launched in…
September 13, 2018

5 Free Useful Tools You Can Use For Interviews

Imagine yourself as a researcher hired by a company that  sponsored a research.  You show up 10 minutes early at the venue and soon, your interviewee arrives. The interview is about to begin but then you realize that an equipment you would use is missing – it could be a…
Axel Bancairen
September 11, 2018

What is Market Research Transcription?

Any company/business official or executive worth his salt knows that when releasing a new product, he or she must undergo a number of steps. Perhaps the most important of these steps - and consequently the most time-consuming - is market research, described simply by Edward McQuarrie in his 2005 book…
Ian Bazarte
September 4, 2018